Learning to Think Critically Without Intelligent Design

Dear Editor,
There is an ongoing legal battle in a courtroom in Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania where Intelligent Design is challenging Evolution in
the classroom.
Dear Editor,

There is an ongoing legal battle in a courtroom in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where Intelligent Design is challenging Evolution in the classroom.

The High School Board advocated including Intelligent Design along with Evolution in the biology curriculum.

The intent of the board was to expose the students to another idea on our origin, an alternative to Evolution – as a means of encouraging students to develop critical thinking skills. Horrors! That’s heresy! Intelligent Design is but a front for Creationism, creation is religion, and religion has no place in a science class!

One of the science teachers protested allowing Intelligent Design in class and obtained assistance in his protest through the American Civil Liberties Union.

The science teacher claimed Intelligent Design is but a front for Creationism: A concept on our origin described in the book of Genesis in the Bible, and nothing more than a myth, a religious myth, which has no place in a public school.

If Creationism is but a myth, then what is Evolution? The concept of Evolution (it is not a theory or a law) is an explanation of human origin and development over billions of years. There are three major components to the idea of Evolution.

The first deals with Genetics and involves the mutation of genes. The second is “Natural Selection,” an idea involving an external force allowing a beneficial mutant gene to improve or adapt the organism to its environment. The third is Time… millions and millions of years.

Let’s look at mutations in the field of Genetics. Genes carry a template with specific information on development and perpetuation of the Specie. Alterations of this template are known as mutations, producing different patterns in the organism’s development. Mutations are 98 percent detrimental and 2 percent hold possibly beneficial effects. However it is this aberrant 2 percent that allows evolutionary development.

Concerning “Natural Selection” producing a new specie, it has never been observed, measured or recorded. It is an untestable idea – much like Creationism. And like Creationism, Evolution must be taken by faith. There is insufficient scientific evidence to support the idea of Evolution.

It is not a theory (an idea must be testable in order to be called a theory) and it is not a law (a law is a theory which has withstood successful scientific testing over time).

We will now look at a mutation, hopefully a beneficial one, use “Natural Selection” to coddle and develop the gene’s character, then add the tincture of time (millions and millions of years), and lo and behold we have Evolution!

Ask any Evolutionist and he’ll agree that millions and millions of years can produce anything you wish: There you have it, mutation, natural selection, and with tincture of time, an amoeba becomes a frog…. More time and the frog becomes a prince.

We humans are evolutionary products by blind chance. We’re here today and gone tomorrow.

By all means keep Intelligent Design out of the classroom or students will learn to think critically!

J.G. McCormack, Gilroy

Evolution The Myth

Once I was a tadpole, wiggly, long and thin.

Then I was a frog with my tail tucked in.

Then I was a monkey swinging tree to tree.

And now I am a Doctor with a Ph.D.!

~ Unknown

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