Hot Pink Paint at OCH was Shameful

Pink’s not so hot

Hi, I’d like to know who at the city allowed the new Mexican
restaurant in the Old City Hall building to paint the building hot
pink. Could you check that out for us? Thank you.

Pink’s not so hot

“Hi, I’d like to know who at the city allowed the new Mexican restaurant in the Old City Hall building to paint the building hot pink. Could you check that out for us? Thank you.”

• “Hello Red Phone. I’d like to thank Gilroy planner Gregg Polubinsky and Mike Dorn for making the owner of Chips ‘N’ Salsa restaurant repaint the outside of historic Old City Hall back to its original color. When I drove by and saw the hot pink color, I almost got sick to my stomach. Mr. Angelopoulos stated he wants his new restaurant to look funky and quirky. Well in my opinion, that’s fine and dandy – in Tijuana, not in Gilroy.”

Red Phone:

Apologies for the late response on such a hot topic – the Red Phone had a few days off recently, got a little backlogged and finally made it through the swamp of calls.

In case anyone missed it, the hot pink paint used on the exterior of the Old City Hall building ran afoul of the city’s building code and Angelopoulos was made to bring it back to earth tones.

Check out the story from Sept. 24, ‘Festive Inside, But No Hot Pink’ at

Going to the dogs … and cats

“In response to some of the Red Phone information about barking dogs. I had some experience with that myself. There is a section of the California Civil Code which deals with public nuisance and private nuisances. We have used that section of the code very effectively in getting barking dogs to stop barking. I’m not an attorney, but I do have a little law experience. We used the code to threaten the people that we would sue them and take their house. It’s worked in San Jose as well as in the Gilroy area. The code can be very effective that you can not only sue for damages, past damages, attorney fees and punitive damages. It might be informative to advise people that the nuisance can very effectively be abated by using this civil code. The section is 3490 for public and 3501 for private nuisances. Thank you very much.”

• “I read your article on dogs and I think people need to take this more seriously. A friend of mine’s dog was recently shot. She apparently didn’t know how badly it was irritating neighbors and some neighbor killed it. I think the Gilroy City Council needs to pay attention to this problem. The police are certainly not directed to pay attention to it and I think they need that kind of policy making so they can come out here, in areas off of Mantelli for one, and take care of the problem of people being scared off of sidewalks by dogs and barking until 11 or 12 at night. There’s no excuse for that. That is plain, unadulterated, they just don’t give a damn. That’s my comment.”

• “You know, probably the biggest thing that would solve a lot of the barking would be not allowing these people who have cats to let them run crazy. The cats a lot of the time will tease the dogs, going along the top of the fence and such. A lot of the time the owner isn’t home during the time so they can’t quiet their dogs. So maybe if they’d start enforcing not having 20 million feral cats running loose, there wouldn’t be such a big problem with barking. Thank you.”

Red Phone:

Barking dogs continue to be a subject on the minds of Gilroyans. But looks like cats are getting into the act. It comes down to the responsibilities of pet ownership. Thanks for the calls and information.

Word of warning

“I’d like to warn your readers that the Safeway in Hollister switched its buttons on the gas pumps. I thought I was paying $3.01 a gallon and I wound up paying $3.21 a gallon.”

Red Phone:

OK readers. Next time you fill up, wherever you are, double-check and make sure you’re choosing the grade – and the price – you want.


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