Hurricane a Blessing, Not a Punishment

Dear Editor,
I have read many times and have often heard that God did Katrina
to punish New Orleans. Let’s look at what really happened.
Dear Editor,

I have read many times and have often heard that God did Katrina to punish New Orleans. Let’s look at what really happened.

I have relatives in New Orleans, and have been there and have seen more homosexual “expressions” in the street in New Orleans than I ever saw in San Francisco.

Did God really punish New Orleans for this? Evidence is He doesn’t get involved.

Most of the areas where “the bad stuff” happens are in the areas that are high and dry today and will be up and buzzing as soon as electricity is restored. Yes, it will take months to light the city, but the “important” areas are quickly lighting up today. Many areas already have power. God is the Great Killer in New Orleans? Then strange it is that who He killed “was the least of these,” the poor, in massive numbers.

In fact, what is happening in New Orleans right now is the greatest revival of that city, ever. Already, real estate investors are pummeling real estate agents, attempting to buy any property, especially business office property in anticipation of the great boom that is already in motion in New Orleans. Most of what got cleaned out is the huge welfare load in that city.

Now, the United States (ahem: you and I) will repair the levies to a category 5.5 level, so that New Orleans can still stupidly rebuild 20 feet below sea level in some parts. The definition of rebuild requires something rebuild-able.

I once accidentally drove through that area – in much danger – and it was full of falling-over tiny see-through “shotgun” houses. It was unbelievable that any city could allow that area to exist, but hey – whatta cash cow!

The public heavily subsidized the rent through welfare programs, the landlords were left alone in terms of code violations as they collected that rent, and everyone was “happy.” They will stay where they are at now. Of course, we all hope they will be motivated to seek jobs but chances are, many will remain on welfare for life. Realizing this early-on, Texas suddenly “ran out of room for survivors.”

One New Orleans businessman I know is happily chirping away in a dry, fully powered office building barely outside of New Orleans. Here is what he said: “An associate in Hong Kong, a fabulously wealthy lawyer, called to remind me of the Chinese symbols for catastrophe. They consist of the character for danger next to the character for opportunity. He congratulated me for where I am positioned now.”

The rest of us will contribute 100-plus billion dollars to take responsibility for the catastrophe that came, that was known to be coming, and was not prepared for.

New Orleans, the city of sin, will for a decade move away from the sins of sex and gambling to decadent capitalism in its most sinful glory. I’m sure they all thank God. If God is involved, he must have shifted from “take care of the least of these” to “take care of these the least!” I prefer to believe He simply had nothing to do with the whole affair. Over thousands of years, little has changed.

Tony Weiler, Gilroy

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