Insulating a Garage Door

As the temperatures begin to drop, you may want to consider making sure your home is tightly insulated to prevent loss of heat during the winter months.

Although the garage is often overlooked when people think about insulation, it is an important place to start.

Garages often get really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. The temperature in the garage can often carry over into the house.

Not only can a well-insulated garage keep your house warmer, but it can keep help keep cars warm as well. Although it usually doesn’t get cold enough here to cause any real damage, you might be able to reduce the time it takes to warm up the car in the morning.

Garages traditionally have been poorly insulated. They have high ceilings with little or no insulation. There are often holes in walls and other places for heat to escape. Windows especially are often not caulked well, and heat tends to escape.

Howard Ruttan, at, recommends covering the windows with thick curtains to help prevent some of the heat loss.

Ruttan covered his garage door with plastic and then stuffed the nooks with fiberglass.

Michael Holigan, who has a home improvement TV show, recommends cutting panels of Styrofoam and placing them over the garage door (

If you replace your garage door, you’ll want to look for doors that come pre-insulated. Lowe’s Home Improvement ( suggests having a bottom seal on the door.

You may also consider insulating the walls and ceiling of a garage.

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