Bright Future

The Gilroy Mustangs freshmen team improved to 5-0 on Thursday

With several senior Mustang studs preparing to leave for greener
pastures, due to graduation, the obvious concern for Gilroy fans is
what kind of horses do the Mustangs have coming up in the
With several senior Mustang studs preparing to leave for greener pastures, due to graduation, the obvious concern for Gilroy fans is what kind of horses do the Mustangs have coming up in the stables.

Well if the freshmen team is any indication, and truth is what could be a better barometer, then the future of Gilroy Mustang football looks brighter than ever.

On Thursday night the young Mustangs squad not only defeated the Monterey Condors, they decimated the competition by a score of 47-0. But truth is, that’s what they’ve done to every opponent this season, outscoring the opposition in the five games they’ve played by a whopping 215-0 margin.

That’s right, as potent as this offense is the defense is equally perfect, having allowed no points to be scored against them.

In an interview prior to Thursday night’s game, tight end Jered Schreckengost, predicted with certainty, “We got this one. No problem.”

It appeared a bold prediction at the time considering the Condors were also entering the game undefeated. “Yeah but they haven’t played anybody yet,” Schreckengost continued.

That might sound a bit cocky, a bit premature. But don’t mistake this team’s confidence for arrogance. They know and realize that on any given night if they don’t bring their “A” game that they can be beat.

It’s a reminder that their head coach Tim Lemos continually impresses upon them. “Anybody that steps on the football field against this team we can beat,” Lemos brags. “We have execution, discipline and heart. Our motto is ‘Leave no doubt.'”‘

And so far this season that’s exactly what they’ve done – left no doubt.

“This is by far the most talented group of youngsters I’ve ever coached and I’ve been doing this awhile,” Lemos admitted. “There have been Gilroy teams in the past that have had the strength. That’s what were known for in these parts. But this team has not only the strength, they have the speed. And on top of that they have a solid knowledge of the game.”

As proof to back up his statement, Lemos points to the fact that they have three different offensive sets and four different defensive alignments.

“I don’t know many freshmen teams that have seven different options,” Lemos said. “But it’s a credit to the kids and how smart they are and the dedication of my eight assistant coaches.”

Some of the standout horses that Lemos fully expects to be grabbing headlines under the “Friday Night Lights” in the near future are defensive specialist Joshua Gonzales, quarterback Jamie Jensen and Z-Back Sean Hale. And then he points to at least eight others that he expects will be playing varsity in two years.

“Our coaches have taught us the whole play book,” said Jensen, the young quarterback that not only looks like a young Peyton Manning but says he patterns himself after him. “When I watch the varsity guys like Justin (Sweeney) I notice how smart they are and how much they look over the whole field. That’s the biggest thing I notice and try to work on myself.”

In the first four games of the season (at press time Thursday night’s game statistics had not yet been tabulated) Hale, who says his favorite player is Reggie Bush, had rushed for six touchdowns, Schreckengost had caught five touchdowns and Jensen had thrown for eight touchdowns and rushed for one.

And yet as potent as the offense is, Lemos drops this reminder. “Our defense has scored 44 of the 215 points we’ve put up this year,” he states. “And without question Gonzales is the leader of that defense. He’s a beast. Flat out, he’s just a beast on defense. He is the heart and soul of the defense”

In addition to those players that grab most of the highlights there exists a supporting cast that is equally important. Some of the players that have really shown themselves to be a factor thus far this season are Jacob Aldridge, Branden Elam, Lukas Fortino, Dante Fullard, Hyme Gaeta, Elijah Harrel, Joshua Hernandez, Fabian Loredo Jr., Manuel Lujan and Zackary Pershing.

The Gilroy Mustangs football program has a number of young studs both on the freshmen and the junior varsity teams that are chomping at the bit waiting for their chance to run.

And when these Mustangs burst out of the gates it appears that bright days rest on the horizon.

If this young team’s success is any indication then Friday Night Lights in Gilroy only appear to be getting brighter in the years ahead.

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