Copernicus Persecuted, Now It’s Intelligent Design Advocates

Dear Editor,
The debate between evolutionist and proponents of intelligent
design goes on and on, neither side convincing the other.
Dear Editor,

The debate between evolutionist and proponents of intelligent design goes on and on, neither side convincing the other.

To better understand the controversy and its significance one would do well to familiarize themselves with the history of Nicolaus Copernicus the Polish astronomer (1473-1543). At that time, the Catholic Church and the academic world believed in the astronomer Ptolemy’s (100-175) theory of a flat earth and the earth the center of all heavenly bodies – the sun and all planets rotated around the earth. God created the heavens and therefore, the earth was the purpose of creation and the center of all things.

Copernicus discovered that contrary to Ptolemy’s and the church’s belief, the earth and planets rotated around the sun. This was heresy! – absolutely contrary to the teaching of the church and academia. As a heretic, Copernicus’s life was threatened. Sure of himself and his data, he held an audience with the Pope, only to be rejected. Some 100 years lapsed before other scientists recognized heliocentricity was right. Finally, this concept of the sun being the center of the solar system was adopted by academia and the scientific communities.

Knowing Copernicus’s story and struggle you can draw a parallel to the topic of evolution and intelligent design. intelligent design was unheard of 20 years ago. In the last decade a number of prominent scientists questioning evolution have surfaced. (This is heresy, not unlike that of Copernicus). Today many scientists question the evolutionist’s logic claiming you can create something out of nothing; evolution’s complex tenets violate the known laws of physics.

In biology the chance of a simple cell’s complex structure developing by chance is perhaps one chance in a million, million million. Proponents of intelligent design upset the intellectual establishment.

Why was the concept of evolution as presented by Charles Darwin in 1858 so readily accepted by the intelligentsia and academia? In practicality, it offered an alternative to Christianity as preached by the Catholic Church – “Toe the line or go to Hell.” With evolution there is no God, no Hell, no sin: it gave its adherents a freedom they had never known. Ultimately, evolution formed the foundation of the religion of Humanism.

We now have a developing quandary: if intelligent design is true, then evolution is false. But evolution is the underpinning of our educational system. There is an axiom in logic that if you start with a false premise, no matter how true or correct your reasoning there after, you cannot reach the truth.

Our educational system is based upon evolution as fact. This is a false premise! The portent of this is frightening for our society and culture, especially our youth. Think it over!

J.G. McCormack, Gilroy

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