Hollister Author Encourages Readers to Seek Spiritual Path

Hollister resident Iran Maurice White wanted to tell a tale with
a heartfelt spiritual message. His recently published novel shares
his story with the world.
Hollister resident Iran Maurice White wanted to tell a tale with a heartfelt spiritual message. His recently published novel shares his story with the world.

“The Mhystery of Everyone’s Guardian Angel” details the story of a young boy named Quaero who takes a spiritual journey to discover the truth within himself.

“I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and beliefs, and I came up with the format to do that,” White said of his self-published book, which is distributed by Infinity Publishing in Haverford, Pa. “Basically, the story’s set in the not-so-distant future. The world is changed a bit, and there’s not the same freedom of religion that we have today. The story follows a kid who’s trying to find his way spiritually and change the world for the better.”

In the novel, Quaero has lived his whole life under a government system that tells everyone what to believe.

“Everyone is afraid to think outside of that system,” White explained of the premise, which is somewhat similar to George Orwell’s “1984.”

Quaero’s grandfather is a non-conformist who had been trained in various spiritually-based areas by The Messenger, a wise old man who lived before the government’s dictates were put into place. The boy must find within himself the courage to step outside this rigid religious box and learn to think for himself.

“His journey is an inner one,” White said. “The journey is mental.”

The boy must overcome the big brother-style government’s way of thinking for the public. His grandfather teaches Quaero many of the lessons he learned from The Messenger, a mentor who is considered the guardian angel of the book’s title.

“He’s not your typical angel that came down from heaven and has wings,” White said, describing The Messenger. “He’s a human being.”

The philosophical work of fiction is told in an allegorical form, where people and events symbolize values and ideas. The spelling of the word “Mhystery” in the title is an amalgamation of the words “history” and “mystery,” the 28-year-old author explained. This is a key to understanding the story’s message.

White operates a Hollister-based company called Guardian Angel Life Coach when he’s not coaching track and field at San Benito High School.

He grew up in San Jose and his family moved to Hollister when he was 16. He finished his last two years of high school as a Haybaler.

His first name Iran (pronounced EYE-wren) means “guardian angel” in the ancient Aramaic language, he said. This meaning has guided him in his own spiritual quest.

“I believe everyone should find their own path spiritually and should not allow themselves to be influenced by what other people have to say,” he said. “No one should take what other people say as more important than their own views.”

White originally started his book as a personal nonfiction reflection of his own outlook on spiritual matters. But during the process of writing, he said, he decided it would be more creative to turn it into a story of a metaphysical journey taken by the heroic Quaero.

“I was going to write a book of philosophy,” he said. “I laid it all out. Then I got two-thirds through it and thought, this is not what I wanted.”

He said the book’s allegorical approach would allow readers to enjoy his story as well as the spiritual thoughts he wanted to share. It took two years of writing and rewriting in his spare time to create his “Mhystery” novel, which in published form is 153 pages. All the names are in Latin and have a specific meaning and symbolism to them, White said. The name Quaero, for example, means “I seek.”

The book’s heavily symbolic form was greatly influenced by Christian writers Max Lucado and C.S. Lewis. The British-born Lewis especially guided White’s own spiritual growth and intense symbolism in his novel.

“He was an apologist, so he did his books in an allegorical type of style – like the ‘Screwtape Letters.’ They were unique,” he said.

The Bible also greatly influenced his writing of his novel, White said. He considers himself a devout Christian, but said he’s not an orthodox one. He is not a member of any organized church or religious group, he said, but believes everyone must take their own journey to a higher spiritual level. That’s one of the messages of his novel, he said.

“You need to think for yourself,” he said. “You need to seek out your own path spiritually.”

The Hollister author says his book is especially targeted at readers who want to develop their own spiritual outlook on life. But he believes everyone will enjoy the mystery of the novel’s story.

Bookwire Review recently published an online review of “The Mhystery of Everyone’s Guardian Angel,” calling it a “deeply layered work that defies conventional classification. It is part inspirational and part allegory, part science fiction and part medieval mystery play.”

The review also described the novel as “occasionally preachy, but this can be easily forgiven in light of its unique story and ambitious goal to entertain, educate, and inspire.”

White hopes to write more novels in the future, but said he would take a break after “Mhystery’s” recent publication. The book was published Aug. 30.

“The Mhystery of Everyone’s Guardian Angel” can be ordered online for $13.95 from Infinity Publishing at www.infinitypublishing.com. The ISBN is 0-7414-2715-X. To contact White in regard to his life coaching business, call (831) 524-0717 or e-mail [email protected]

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