Live Aid Concert a Chance to Help

The following organizations and individuals deserve either
CHEERS or JEERS this week:
The following organizations and individuals deserve either CHEERS or JEERS this week:

CHEERS: For the community Live Aid concert scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 22 at Christmas Hill Park. There’s quite a line-up for the five-hour show which begins at 1 pm. and features Shaboom, Daddy-O and Eric Martin and Carmenhers as performed by Eric Martin and partner Carmen Romero as the Blues Brothers. The acts are top notch and all the profits will benefit the America Red Cross effort to help hurricane victims. Tickets are available here at The Dispatch for $10 and will be available at the door. Plan a great family fun day and do something good for our fellow Americans who need help.

JEERS: For the City Council candidates who have tried to wash their hands of the binding arbitration issue by saying that contracts for public safety employees will be arbitrated regardless of whether it’s rescinded from the city charter because of state law. It’s not true, as reporter Serdar Tumgoren’s story illustrated last week. Failing to take a stand on such a critical financial issue for the city’s future is an abrogation of responsibility that voters should note.

CHEERS: For this weekend’s expanded and revamped Gilroy Art and Wine Festival at Christmas Hill Park. Enjoy the works of local artists and a glass of local wine on Saturday from 10am to 5pm. It’s free.

JEERS: For the news that fewer students from Gilroy High are taking the SAT and that the scores are declining. That’s a trend that needs to be reversed on both counts. What’s the point of open honors classes if students are not taking advantage of opportunities?

CHEERS: For the new computers in police cars which should dramatically improve efficiency. Digital cameras and laptop computers in 32 cars give officers fast access to information during routine stops and while they’re on patrol. More bad guys should be caught, paperwork should dwindle and response times should go down, according to police officials. That’s a solid technological leap forward for a small community like Gilroy.

JEERS: For the depletion of the City of Gilroy’s reserve fund which is being raided by higher pension and health care costs. Gilroy must hold the line on these expenses or future Council members, city managers and residents will have to deal with severe and unnecessary cuts in services and programs.

CHEERS: For the growing use of Edline, the Web connection that helps keep parents in touch with student work and progress. Now is the time to push all Gilroy High teachers to use the site so that parents can take the opportunity to be more involved.

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