Learn the Basics of Bicycle Safety

Annual bicycle rodeo teaches kids safety skills
Gilroy – The rodeo is coming to town once again – the Bicycle Rodeo, that is. Local kids will have a chance to learn about bike safety and have some fun at the annual Gilroy event this Saturday.

The day is open to all families and is free of charge. From 11am to 2pm kids can get a free bicycle helmet, take a bike ride through an obstacle course or chow down on free hot dogs and drinks.

Sgt. Daniel Castaneda said the afternoon will appeal to all kids, from those who are just learning to ride a tricycle up to teenagers.

The miniature town is an obstacle course that comes complete with sidewalks, intersections, barking dogs and railroad crossings to teach kids of all ages how to stay safe while they are riding their bicycles around Gilroy.

“It teaches kids how to cross on railroads, to stop at stop signs,” Sgt. Castaneda said.

Police officers will help move the props to simulate cars, people and animals along the obstacle course.

Gilroy police bike patrol officers, a K-9 unit and California Highway Patrol officers will offer safety advice to kids.

Sgt. Castaneda said the group would provide literature for kids of all ages, from coloring books on safety to rule books on how to ride a bike to school. Children may also be fingerprinted at the event.

Officers will also fit children for a helmet and show them how to wear them properly while riding their bicycles. The event allows residents to get their bike inspected and registered with the city. Registering for a bicycle license helps the police in locating lost or stolen bikes.

“For example if a kid were to leave it at the park … we run the serial number and it comes back with the information they provided to us [when they registered the bike],” Sgt. Castaneda said. “We can call the house and say, ‘Are you missing a bike?'”

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