Remember, Since 9/11 Not One Terrorist Attack in U.S.

Dear Editor,
Daniel Garcia is a classic example of what I refer to as


Dear Editor,
Daniel Garcia is a classic example of what I refer to as “Sheeple.”
He, like his automaton liberal brethren, are products of liberal media bias saturation and walk in lockstep ranting the far left talking points. Liberals have a propensity for intellectual dishonesty. His simplistic demonization of Republicans is as annoying as it is laughable. I will not even address his outrageous statements directly as they lack any basis in fact.
Since 9/11, under George W. Bush’s leadership, there has not been a successful terrorist attack on U.S. soil, not one. The economy that he inherited in decline is better than it has been since the Reagan initiated economic boom of the ’80s for which President Clinton wrongly took credit. Sadam Hussein is in jail and the Taliban are living in caves while Afghani and Iraqi women and children are free to pursue an education. Even if there was no Al Qaeda connection, I am glad we went there. No weapons of mass destruction? All the military expert armchair liberals who wouldn’t know biological weapon from a bong are calling Bush as a liar. All competent authorities (or so we thought) believed Iraq had these weapons. Even Clinton thought they did! In fact, they did. The question pompous liberal democrats should be concerned about is, where did they go? Iran? Syria?
Iraq has had very successful elections and is on the verge of passing a constitution. Although I have my doubts about long-term success in a Muslim country which requires tyrannical rule, it has still set the terrorists and those who support them back on their collective tails.
Another ridiculous rant is that President Bush did it for the oil. Next you are going to tell us that President Bush caused hurricane’s Katrina and Rita with secret machines made by Halliburton run secretly by Dick Cheney and Tom Delay and placed strategically on oil platforms in the gulf which produce global warming with the intent of causing oil prices and therefore gas prices to skyrocket and make his Texas oilman friends rich. I thought you libs thought Dubya was dumb?
As painful as war and the loss of our soldiers is, we must now and forever, keep the battle on their soil and on our terms. Otherwise, 9/11 was just a small taste of what these people want to feed us. God bless America!
Mark Zappa, Gilroy

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