Craige Edgerton Takes Helm of Land Conservancy

New leader says he looks forward to helping to protect natural
Gilroy – Craige Edgerton is the new executive director of the Silicon Valley Land Conservancy. Edgerton replaces Nancy Richardson, who stepped down from the post in June, after five years heading what was then called the Santa Clara County Land Trust.

A financial consultant, Edgerton is a director with the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority and a member of the task force directing growth in Coyote Valley. He was previously active in the Greenbelt Alliance.

“As the Silicon valley Land Conservancy steps up its activity in land preservation, Craig’s experience will be a welcome asset,” conservancy president Don Gralnek said. “His expertise in land management will take us a long way toward working out the complicated land exchange and purchase arrangements that lie ahead.”

The conservancy protects open space, farmland and endangered species by working out preservation deals with environmentalists, farmers and property owners. One of it biggest accomplishments is a 1,200-acre network of farmland in Gilroy.

Edgerton said he looks forward to playing a larger role in protecting Santa Clara County’s natural resources from heedless development.

“With growing pressure to develop land everywhere, there are community-oriented people working hard to preserve precious tracts for future generations,” he said. “I’m delighted to be a part of that effort.”

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