Gavilan College Opens Costume Loft to Public

Jan Bernstein Chargin helps Thompson don a dragon costume.

Rent a unique costume for Halloween while helping support the
theater department
Gilroy – Don’t spend another Halloween wearing that get-up created from cast-offs at the very last minute. Southern belles, wizards, clowns, animals, pirates and princesses are just a few of the costumes hanging ceiling to floor at the Gavilan College theater department and ready to rent.

“It’s like your grandma’s attic,” said Rosemary Thompson, Gavilan theater/arts instructor and costume specialist.

Since she was a student at Gavilan Thompson has been toying with the idea of opening the community college’s trove of costumes to the public, but work combined with school made for little time to operate a seasonal rental business. Now that she’s working at the college, Thompson said one extra duty is no big deal.

Thompson said they may even keep the loft open year round.

Unlike many costume stores, Thompson will rent the costumes at modest prices. She wants college students and locals with modest incomes to be able to afford great Halloween outfits.

Thompson said she expects to see their sorcerers’ costumes snapped up.

“I’m sure that we’ll appeal to the Harry Potter crowd,” she said.

The loft contains more than 10,000 pieces, which are all available in a range of sizes. Proceeds will benefit the Gavilan College Theatre Drama Club.

A driver’s license and credit card are required for rentals. Customers may pay with cash, credit card or check.

The loft is open Monday through Wednesday by appointment only. Call Thompson at 848-4860 or send her an e-mail at [email protected] to make an appointment.

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