Green Phone 10/15

CALLER 1: Hi, just wanted to follow up on what a great job you
guys did at telling us in the community about the freshman football
team. That is amazing.
CALLER 1: Hi, just wanted to follow up on what a great job you guys did at telling us in the community about the freshman football team. That is amazing. They’re doing a great job. Now I would have to challenge you to continue doing this with all the other sports teams. Tell us more about junior varsity field hockey. Tell us more about junior varsity volleyball. You’ve got to keep all the stats. These kids are awesome. It’s not all about varsity, varsity, varsity. And by the way, varsity teams in our town don’t exactly have these great records. These kids who are up and coming? They need to shine. You guys did a great job once again at listening to us out here in good old Gilroy. The freshman football team is doing a great job. Thanks again, guys.

GREEN PHONE: You are not alone in your concerns. See letters below.

CALLER 2: I’d like to know what’s up with the coverage for the JV volleyball team. You mention varsity and freshman names but no JV names. I’d like to know why that is. If you could please put that in.

CALLER 3: I was wondering how come you never cover any of the junior high sports. Right now the c-bouys cross country team is coming in at No. 1 and so is the 7th grade boys and girls and cross country. Just wanted to give you heads up on that.

CALLER 4: I want to thank you guys for getting that story in about the freshmen football team. I think you guys know how much readers want to know about the other teams. You guys do a great job up on varsity but usually never mention or just one line about the other teams. People care about JV and freshman teams almost as much as the varsity. Also, about your new sports editor John Coscia. I want to welcome him here and I’m sure he’s probably already used to “breakfast with the NFL.” One thing I did want to note is that the Monterey Condors, there’s no such thing. It’s the North Monterey Condors. They’re silver and black. Monterey is the Toreadors. They’re green and gold.

GREEN PHONE: Caller 4, Thank you for the correction. I’m still trying to learn all the teams in the area and truth is we weren’t able to talk with the North Monterey coach. I saw Condors on their helmets and knew they were from Monterey. And I think my body has finally adjusted to “breakfast with the NFL.” And thanks again for the info.

Now on to the more important concern of all of you callers. More coverage of the junior varsity, freshmen and junior high programs of all local sports. I couldn’t agree with all of you more and that’s where you as parents, grandparents, fans and coaches come in. We do not have anywhere near the staff to accomodate your requests but that doesn’t mean that it’s a lost cause. My suggesstion is that you assign someone from your team – a parent, player etc. – to do a small write up. Then email it to me at [email protected] If you do that I’ll guarantee we’ll find space for it. We’d love to cover every team at every level but it’s just not possible. That having been said if you know of a phenomenal story that is equal to the amazing accomplishments of our local freshmen program PLEASE feel free to give me a call on my direct line at 842-9858. We are truly here to serve you, the community, but in many respects we also need your help to accomplish that to a satisfactory degree. I’d like to thank all of you callers for your concern. It;’s callers like you that turned us onto the freshmen story so keep the calls and emails coming. Let us know if we’re giving you what you want.

CALLER 5: This is for Ana (Patejdl). Sorry I don’t know how to pronounce your last name. Maybe you could break it down for us in one of your calls. Wednesday’s Oct. 5 column “Under the Radar” was great. Perhaps you could publish this type of column once or twice a month. As you well know from Little League to the major leagues, there’s always four or five players that get the most press. The other players have to work just as hard to be on the team but don’t always get the recognition. I’m sure the area youth get a kick out of seeing their names in the paper and “Under the Radar” is a real good idea. The sports page has really blossomed lately with color photos and good articles. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work.

GREEN PHONE: Caller, thanks for the kind words. Your idea of making the topic of staff writer Ana Patejdl’s “Under the Radar” column somewhat regular is not a bad idea. We’ll see if she’ll do it once or twice a season. You always hear (and see) the kids who do the grunt work and have a big presence on the field. But their numbers don’t really do them justice. So that was for them.

And since you asked about Ana’s last name, here’s the deal. It’s pronounced Pa-tee-dul. A long “E” and silent “J” are the keys to remember. And to anticipate your next question, the name is Czech. Gotta love Western European pronunciation.

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