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Q: Do dogs have phobias like humans do?
Q: Do dogs have phobias like humans do?

A: Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend, and when it comes to being petrified of water or afraid of confined spaces, pooches and their owners have a lot in common.

Dogs can suffer from many of the same phobias as humans, said Summer Haeg of the Gilroy Veterinarian Hospital. Some fears, such as being scared of loud noises, can be brought on by traumatic experiences when the dogs were puppies, but the origin of many other phobias is unknown, Haeg said.

“My bulldog is afraid of the color red and brooms and mops. My sister came over with a red bandana on, and the dog wouldn’t stop barking until she took it off. I’ve had my dog since I brought her home from the pet store, so I know she hasn’t had any issues with the color red,” said Haeg, who brought her dog home when it was just a puppy.

Dog owners who are extremely concerned about their canine’s woes can take their animal to a pet psychologist or hypnotist, but working with their dogs and getting them used to the surroundings is best, Haeg said.

“Why get your dog medicated,” she said. “It’s easier to just keep them away from what’s scaring them and work with your animal.”

– By Christine Tognetti,

Staff Writer

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