Neckties Help Keep Troops Cool

Local mom needs volunteers to help make neckties
Gilroy – It gets hot, scorching hot, in the Iraqi desert.

That’s why when Mary Ellen Salzano’s son was deployed to Iraq and she heard about the cooling neckties that help stave off heat exhaustion she jumped on board and volunteered to make neckties and send them to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The fabric neckties are made by adding two teaspoons of polymer through an opening at the top. When the polymer is soaked in water, it expands and the surface of the ties draws moisture away from the fabric. As the water evaporates it cools down the body.

A second- grade class from Morgan Hill sent about 80 neckties to Iraq where temperatures can reach 140 degrees fahrenheit. In June, a soldier sent the class a thank-you letter saying he used a necktie to cool down a wounded comrade.

Ethan Salzano, an Army staff sergeant, said it was difficult to get fluids into the soldier but the necktie helped to keep him cool and comfortable during the ordeal.

The necktie project is a national effort that will continue until the war ends, said Salzano.

The Gilroy resident said they need volunteers to make the cooling ties.

“If they can sew a straight line, yes, we can get the material,” she said.

Also, Salzano said there are 50 men and women serving with her son who would appreciate letters of support. In addition, Salzano mentioned that Nov. 12 is the final day to send holiday packages because delivery takes two weeks.

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