Sample Ballots Sent Out in Excess

Waste of money?

Hi Red Phone. I’m calling because I got four sample ballots from
the registrar of voters and I’m registered as an absentee
Waste of money?

“Hi Red Phone. I’m calling because I got four sample ballots from the registrar of voters and I’m registered as an absentee voter. Basically they do me no good and then I’m just going to waste my absentee ballot and get that. I’m wondering how much money the registrar is spending to send me two ballots, one in English one in Spanish, when I never requested to receive it in a different language. Then they’re going to send me an absentee ballot too. It just seems a little ridiculous with all the repetitiveness. Thank you.”

• “Hi, just an example of taxpayer dollars being wasted: We mailed in the card saying we spoke English only, there’s three in the household. Imagine our surprise when we got our sample ballots, three ballots with English and Spanish together and we received three Spanish only. That’s an example of taxpayer money being wasted because we did check English spoken only. Thank you.”

Red Phone:

Callers, the county registrar is working at ending the problem you describe. It’s a new process and kinks need to be worked out.

Registrar Jesse Durazo mailed about 670,000 postcards asking voters to select the language they prefer on sample ballots and other election material. The idea is to eliminate bilingual ballots and save the county $300,000 or more a year in reduced printing and shipping costs. If you didn’t receive a postcard or need more information, call the registrar’s office at 282-3000.

Meritage vs. Ménage à Trois

“Hi Red Phone. I’m wondering why there is a wine called Meritage and if it has anything to do with the wine I saw called Ménage à Trois. I’d like David Cox to answer that question for me in his new wine column. If you could pass this on to him, I’m very anxious to know if there’s any relationship between the Ménage à Trois and the Meritage. Thank you. I’m looking forward to reading it in the next edition of the Dispatch.”

Red Phone:

The Red Phone passed on your question onto our new wine columnist David Cox, who will be looking into that – but have some patience, caller. It may be a couple weeks before he gets to it. Keep watching for David’s column.

Comments on councilman

“Hi, I think Councilman Morales’ proposal is nuts. We already don’t have very many jobs in Gilroy and here he wants to basically put a burden on business owners. It’s like every time you turn around. The article about the water, the city is taxing us more and more. What I’d like to see is the Dispatch do an expose about how inefficient the city is, why they’re so top heavy with managers. I wonder if they are overpaid. I remember the last thing about the 35 or 40 people who are over $100,000 a year in a city this small. So that would be good to have an expose on why our city coffers are draining. Thank you.”

• “I’m calling on the Charles Morales piece of tax he wants on businesses to correct the problem of the police protection that goes on. It’s kind of typical … he would come up with a tax for business instead of coming up with something that would be better for all the people. As a former businessman myself, I wouldn’t vote for him … I think his proposal stinks. Thank you.”

• “I’m backing Charlie Morales 120 percent. He’s right, he’s just trying to help the city workers, Gilroy Police Department, neighborhood watch and I’m a concerned citizen. The answer is yes, I’m behind Charlie Morales. And that’s it. God bless you, have a good day and may the Lord watch over you and yours. Thank you.”

Red Phone:

The Red Phone asked for comments and the readers responded. Thanks for the calls – and the story suggestion, which the Red Phone passed along to the City Editor.


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