Daylight Saving Time Ends This Weekend

Times are a-changin’

I heard (the time change) might be moved back to December this
year in order to save energy.

Times are a-changin’

“I heard (the time change) might be moved back to December this year in order to save energy.”

Red Phone:

Timely comment, good caller! The Red Phone checked into it.

President Bush recently signed into law the Energy Policy Act, which extends Daylight Saving Time (DST) by four weeks from the second Sunday of March to end on the first Sunday of November. But take note, Extended Daylight Saving Time won’t begin until 2007.

Therefore, Red Phone wants to remind its readers to be sure to fall back and change your clocks Sunday.

Trail preservation

“We want to thank everybody for the recent little Art and Wine Festival. It needs to grow, but we had a good time.

“The other thing is how many parts of Christmas Hill Park are going to be preserved when that development comes in? Are we going to be able to walk around the southern edge of the woods? It’s a frequently used trail, including the local school running on it. That’s my question, thank you.”

Red Phone:

For those who may not be plugged in, the caller is referring to Glen Loma Ranch, a 1,700-unit development that will rise up around Christmas Hill Park in the next decade. But not to worry, caller. The project will preserve the existing trails and in fact expand the trail system running along Uvas Creek by creating a series of open space corridors accessible to the general public.

Rumbling Harleys

“I would like to know why the Gilroy Police Department looks the other way with Harley motorcycles with no mufflers but they like to bust teenagers with the stereos. I think it’s totally unfair and they totally look the other way with all these Harley’s in town with no mufflers. Thank you very much.”

Red Phone:

Gilroy police Sgt. Kurt Svardal said it is against the law for individuals to alter mufflers to make them louder than they were originally manufactured.

“We do enforce muffler violations,” Svardal said. “We write tickets for them, just as we do kids with stereos. And it’s not just kids with stereos, it’s adults. We are equal opportunity enforcers.”

To report excessive noise, call 846-0350.

Appropriate discipline

“Was I the only person to see immense humor in the article ‘Eyes in the Sky’ (Oct. 22)? The humor was not so much in the article itself, but in the football player’s mother upset because her son broke the rules, paid the price and missed that night’s game. Let me get this straight: The son ‘is a starter on the freshman football team (and) they’re doing extremely well.’ That’s wonderful, everyone is so proud of them and their accomplishments. Is she mad because he broke the rules or because he missed a big game and ‘he’s a starter’ and almost let everyone down because it is the biggest game of the year for Gilroy High School? Or is she mad because she disagrees that Gilroy High School should not have taken action because ‘he’s a starter (and) they’re doing extremely well?’

” ‘Food fights are not discipline issues,’ said the mother. Are you kidding? Not only did this boy break the rules, but five other football players broke the rules – Camacho-Light thinks.

“To your winning boys, keep it up! Keep working hard and congratulations! But remember, off the field performance is equally, if not more important.”

Red Phone:

Point taken, caller. Let’s hope students – and not just the athletes – keep it in mind.


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