Local Digest 10/29

Turkey knocks out power to Gavilan

Gilroy – A wild turkey flew into a power line at Gavilan College Friday morning, knocking out power to the college for a short time.

A school security guard saw a flash about 7am on the north side of campus, said Jan Bernstein-Chargin, Gavilan spokeswoman. When he investigated, the guard found a dead turkey.

Power was out at the college for about two hours. Classes were held without lights.

Rotary to donate to local organizations

Gilroy – As part of their 2005-06 Charitable Giving efforts, the Rotary Club of Gilroy will be donating $37,000 to local charitable organizations this year through their Community Grants program.

The program primarily provides funds for organizations that focus on youth and education. In order to qualify for a grant, interested parties must meet certain requirements.

The money must go to a philanthropic organization – not an individual – that plans to serve the local community with the grant. The funds must go to a specific cause that will show clear end results – they cannot be applied to general operational or maintenance costs, or to scholarships. Beyond that, the use of the grant should have a broad impact on the Gilroy community. Recipients of the grant should also agree, if appropriate, to publicize the Rotary name or symbol as part of their project.

Over the past seven years, the club has donated about $180,000 to local and educational nonprofits. The application deadline is Nov. 11.

The application is available at www.gilroyrotary.org, or call 846-0202. Submissions should be sent to: Rotary Club of Gilroy, Special Grants, P.O. Box 1912, Gilroy, CA 95021.

Concert benefits hurricane relief

Gilroy – A Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert will be held Friday, Nov. 4, at 7pm at Saint Mary Church.

Soprano Lara Bruckmann has appeared with West Bay Opera, San Francisco Choral Society, Arlington-Belmont Chorale, Colorado Lyric Theater, Pforzheimer Opera, Head Royce School Music Department and Diego Rivera Theater. Ms. Bruckmann has appeared many times at San Francisco’s Plush Room and San Francisco Fringe Festival. Her next opera appearance will be as Minnie Belle in Oakland Opera Theater’s production of Kurt Weill’s Johnny Johnson.

Oboist Kyle Bruckmann (Lara’s brother) returned to San Francisco recently after a successful stint in Chicago, where he appeared with Rockford Symphony Orchestra and the punk band Lozenge. Here on the Bay Area, he is a part of Quinteto Latino and sdSound.

Suggested donation: $10

Help companion animals in need

Morgan Hill – The Friends of San Martin Animal Shelter (FOSMAS) need help to find loving families for the many homeless companion animals at the shelter and in foster homes. Come to the pet fair Nov. 5 and 6, from noon to 5pm, at Petco in Morgan Hill. Stop by to find a new furry friend; make a donation to help cover spay/neuter, food, and litter expenses; or sign-up to volunteer for the shelter.

Details: 683-4186 or www.fosmas.org.

City offers disaster workshops

Gilroy – The city will be offering two workshops on disaster preparedness from 6 to 8pm, Nov. 9; and from 6:30 to 8:30pm, Nov. 16.

Participants will learn about the importance of being prepared before a disaster strikes.

Discussion will include information on which disasters are most likely to affect the area and what they can do to deal with problems after a disaster occurs. The program will include the viewing of a new video entitled, “Condition Red: Prepare for Disaster.” The video is a wake-up call for families and individuals who have no plan for how they will deal with a disaster in their immediate surroundings.

The workshops will also teach the public how to put together a 72-hour emergency preparedness kit.

Details: 846-0460.

Two beaten, injured in gang attack

Morgan Hill – In what appears to be an assault by members of the Norteño gang, two Fremont men were injured Tuesday while playing soccer with some youths at a park at San Pedro Avenue.

Morgan Hill Police Cmdr. Joe Sampson said Thursday that three Hispanic male adults were in the park with some juveniles at 5:50pm when about 10 men, allegedly dressed in red and armed with bats and what may have been metal poles, jumped out of a white pickup and began yelling at the group.

The gang members yelled for the others to leave, saying, “This is Norteño territory,” before striking the adults with their weapons, Sampson said.

Two of the men were injured: Alberto Villanueva, 18, of Fremont, who had a laceration on the right side of the forehead, near his temple; and Javier Garcia, 19, of Fremont, who suffered a laceration on the back of the head. Paramedics cleared the two men to drive themselves to the hospital.

“The group was apparently just playing soccer, speaking Spanish, when the others drove up,” Sampson said. “It appears that nothing was done to provoke the incident, it doesn’t look as if there was more to it than this, but who knows.”

The group playing soccer were not dressed in blue, the color typically associated with the Sureños, the rival gang of the Norteños, Sampson said, but wearing jeans and T-shirts.

Special election voting begins today

San Jose – Weekend voting begins today for the Nov. 8 special election. Those unable to vote on election day can cast ballots at the Santa Clara County Registrar’s office in San Jose. Polls at the office will be open today, and Nov. 5 and 6, from 9am to 3pm.

The office is located at 1555 Berger Drive, building 2.

Details: 866-430-8683.

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