Back in the CCS

Gilroy freshman, Kathleen Miller, left, races alongside Live

Gilroy boys place second in TCAL tournament; Two girls qualify
for CCS
Salinas – On Monday, Mustang cross country co-head coach Cathy Silva went on a mission to find out when the boys’ team last qualified for the CCS meet. But no amount of historical information at Gilroy High could help her in her search.

“I couldn’t find it,” Silva said.

Translation? It’s been a really long time.

But now that drought is over.

At the TCAL Championships at Toro Park in Salinas Saturday, the Gilroy boys finished second to Hollister, solidifying the team’s trip to the Nov. 12 CCS championship meet.

Gilroy’s top finisher was senior Arnulfo Velasquez, who finished third with a 16:38 time on the 3-mile course. Senior Anthony Dragotto took fifth (16:57) and junior Humberto Pineda (17:15) finished tenth.

On the girls’ side, freshman Kathleen Miller (10th, 20:39) and Megan Litle (17th, 22:09) both qualified for CCS as individuals.

“As an entire team, I think we did great,” Silva said. “Twenty out of 25 runners had their best race ever. It was fantastic to see.”

Had the entire Gilroy boys’ roster been healthy, the 52-32 margin by which the Mustangs lost may have been smaller. But Jose Velasquez, who consistently finishes second or third for the Mustangs, and Derek Pesta were out with injuries. Silva expects them to be healed for CCS.

Arnulfo Velasquez, who qualified for CCS last year, improved on last year’s fifth place finish. Still, he and Rigo Vasquez, who have been the best in the league all season, were expected to take the top two spots. Instead, it was Hollister junior Eddie Trujillo (16:28) and Sobrato freshman Lance Wolfsmith (16:31) finishing first and second.

“(Arnulfo) came in and said, ‘It was just a really weird race, Coach.’ He and Rigo were so competitive and went out way too fast,” Silva said. “Everybody learned something from it.”

The CCS meet will be held at Crystal Springs in Belmont and Silva said the team’s excitement is running high.

“They like the course and had faster times there,” Silva said. “So they’re looking forward to the two weeks to train.”

Boys’ Race Top 10

1 Eddie Trujillo, Hollister 16:28

2 Lance Wolfsmith, Sobrato 16:31

3 Arnulfo Velasquez, Gilroy 16:38

4 Rigo Vasquez, Hollister 16:38

5 Anthony Dragotto, Gilroy 16:57

6 Alfredo Lopez, Hollister 17:00

7 Julian Maher, Palma 17:04

8 Chris Sandoval, Palma 17:09

9 Kyle Bambrick, Hollister 17:13

10 Humberto Pineda, Gilroy 17:15

Other Gilroy Finishers: Romiro Diaz (16th, 17:36), Allan Chan (24th, 17:55), Jaime Reyes (31st, 18:33), Manual Casas (35th, 18:58)

Girls’ Race Top 10

1 Amanda Boyd, Hollister 18:48

2 Cobbie Jones, Live Oak 18:51

3 Lisa Herrera, Live Oak 19:12

4 S. McVannell, Salinas 19:14

5 Brenna Bauer, N. Salinas 19:43

6 Alex Bell, Salinas 19:55

7 Courtney Allen, Hollister 20:01

8 Olivia Duran, Live Oak 20:14

9 Alison Meyer, Hollister 20:37

10 Kathleen Miller, Gilroy 20:39

Other Gilroy Finishers: Christina Ginn (26th, 23:53), Christine Bobula (28th, 23:57), Carly Appuzo (32nd, 24:51), Erin Sterner (34th, 25:04)