New Bus Service to Wal-Mart on the Way

Scary situation solved

Hi Red Phone. How is the transit stop situation coming for the
Wal-Mart area?
Scary situation solved

“Hi Red Phone. How is the transit stop situation coming for the Wal-Mart area? I’m still seeing families crossing over that busy overpass on 10th Street and with no sidewalk it’s pretty scary. Thanks.”

Red Phone:

You won’t see them for long, caller. In case you missed it, see for ‘Bus Service Extended’ (Oct. 27), which details the upcoming Gilroy Crossings Connection. The new service will begin Saturday, Nov. 12, and will originate at the Caltrain station, make stops south and north of Pacheco Pass and terminate in front of Wal-Mart.

What’s that all about?

“I’m looking at a notice in the bulletin on page 2 about the South Santa Clara Valley Memorial District Board of Directors. What is that? What do they do? Do we pay taxes to them?”

Red Phone:

Well, caller, here’s the gist. The Santa Clara Valley Memorial District is an elected body of five veterans who administer the Veterans Hall Building in San Jose. The district is funded through property taxes and rents collected from building tenants. The meetings are open to the public. District directors meet the third Wednesday of each month, at 7pm, at the Veterans Hall, 74 W. Sixth St., San Jose.

Question about councilman

“Good morning, I’m calling about incumbent Charlie Morales running for City Council for his fourth term. It’s my understanding that Mr. Morales has three DUIs and one of the DUIs was this last term. I’m a little confused. How can someone who can’t obey the law is supposed to represent the best interest of the community? I’m also confused because I haven’t seen anything in any papers about it. … Can you clarify if that is the case and why it is that voters aren’t being informed? Thank you.”

Red Phone:

Relevant concern, good caller. And although the Red Phone can’t speak for any other papers, this topic has been covered in your local paper, including the Dispatch’s profile on Morales (Morales Takes Aim at Fourth Term, Oct. 8), which ran during a weeklong series on the five council candidates.

Morales had a third drunk driving arrest in 2003 and has been upfront about his past.

“Those particular problems are in the past and I have dealt with those issues,” he said. “Certainly my stressful job was part of that. Now that I’m retired I’m a new person, rejuvenated and doing a lot of good. That speaks for itself. It’s the pleasure of serving the community that drives me. My personal problems – I’ve dealt with them and I think the community has always trusted what I’ve done on the dais.”

Fuming over salary

“Hey Red Phone. I just learned that the Gilroy Unified School District superintendent is making $175,000 a year and for some reason also gets a $500 a month car allowance. That strikes me as really unnecessary and a drain on a school district where that money can be used in much smarter ways, to help the children – not Edwin Diaz’ ride.”

• “Hi, this is regarding the superintendent of schools. I hope the citizens of Gilroy who pay Edwin Diaz’ salary feel really sorry for him because he’s not had a pay raise in so long. I bet all the people getting laid off feel the same way too. Then … it’s same old bologna about how those to the north receive more money, perks, vehicle expenses, fringe benefits, credit cards, etcetera. Hey, firemen and police! Boy, you guys are really underpaid. Well, maybe. Anybody ever heard of a taxpayer’s revolt? Thanks for letting me sound off.”

Red Phone:

You’re welcome, caller. Anytime.


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