Brides, Creatures Out Full Force on Halloween in South County

When she kept referring to her husband as a horny devil, I

That’s really more than I need to know.

But he really was dressed as a horny devil, and you could see
the string holding the horns to his head from the back.
When she kept referring to her husband as a horny devil, I thought, “That’s really more than I need to know.” But he really was dressed as a horny devil, and you could see the string holding the horns to his head from the back.

The devilish pair attended a Halloween party in Morgan Hill where the margarita machine poured the best adult slushies in town. Art and Candace Palace won first price for their costumes, beating out the infamous Sherwood (yes, she was wearing a costume). Nancy and Greg Stuck tried to buy their way out of the society page as Nancy lamented her bride’s costume was not her original gown, because she had outgrown that one (what, did you go from a size 1 to a 2?).

No brides at the Halloween party of Jim and Clorinda Sergi, but cold beers were stored and served in a vintage (1980s) ice cream push-cart parked in the kitchen. Newlyweds and newcomers to South County Hank and Nancy Miller met the old guard of Morgan Hill, starting with Clorinda’s father, Mr. Mazzone, a longtime farmer in the area (coincidentally in a farmer costume at the party).

A one week hiatus from writing this column while away on vacation and I have generous offers of guest columnists. It’s a good thing Dr. Jon Hatakeyama is busy with his dental practice, or I may be looking for another gig. The good doctor submitted the following account of the Morgan Hill Teacher Aid Coalition Holiday Wine Tasting.

Clos La Chance Winery’s special events coordinator, Kristin Murphy, informed the Morgan Hill Teachers Aid Coalition that Clos La Chance Winery would like to offer help in the coalition’s efforts to raise funds to purchase classroom supplies for teachers of the Morgan Hill Unified School District. And thus, the Holiday Wine Tasting event was born.

Reacting very positively for a call for food and refreshments for this event, the owner of Le Bistro Restaurant, Lucia Nevejans, immediately responded by offering a richly prepared pasta and sautéed meatball combination to go with her famous antipasti plate, filled with marinated artichoke hearts and miniature dill pickles with a spicy vegetable combination platter.

Andy Mariani, president of Andy’s Orchard (Mary Anne’s note to readers: Look for Andy’s Orchard featured in last month’s Gourmet magazine), provided an unbelievable array of dried fruit ranging from white figs, pears, apricots and magnum raisins to specially prepared bite-size morsels of specially prepared dried fruit combinations in candy wrappers.

Greeting the supporters was Morgan Hill Unified School District’s new superintendent, Dr. Alan Nashino, along with his new right-hand man, assistant superintendent Michael Johnson.

Much excitement was generated by the drawing prizes of golf for four at Ridgemark Golf and Country Club and premiere seating for two at Dorothy McNett’s ABC televised cooking classes. But the double magnum of Clos La Chance’s 2002 Santa Cruz Mountain Pinot Noir held the most interest of this wine-appreciative crowd. The lucky winner was Aerobe Systems CEO, Mike Cox.

Dr. Jon Hatakeyama, the donor of this bottle, reminded Mike that he regretfully donated the pinot noir after he saw this same wine on the exclusive wine list at Healdsburg’s popular Ravenous Café Restaurant. Hatakeyama is secretly hoping Wallace and Gromit will pull off a heist to retrieve the magnum and return it to its lamenting former owner.

Thank you, Hatakeyama, for the detailed description of such a successful event.

Ciao for now.

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