How to Play it: Gilroy Golf Course No. 1 Par 4, 395 yards

What looks like a relatively easy way to start a round a golf can sneak up and grab you if you don’t know where to aim.

This fairway slopes extremely from right to left so any tee shot that starts out in the center could land you in the left rough when the ball is finished rolling.

THE SKINNY: Aim at the large oak tree at the top of the hill and you will find the center when your done.

Speaking of the hill, this hole goes slightly uphill for the first 200 yds and then drops slightly downhill for the remainder.

A big hitter can fly the ball on the downslope and leave himself a short iron into the green.

A shorter hitter will hit into the uphill and thus get little roll and leave themselves over 200 yards into the green.

PRO SAYS: Be careful with your approach shot. With the sloping fairway it is very easy to pull the ball off that lie thus leaving you left of the green with a chip shot to an elevated green.

Keep your approach shot to the right side of the green as all costs. You will often times kick down onto the green or leave yourself an easier chip shot from above.

The green can be very slippery and often times people have even putted it off the green if they were too aggressive.

Play your chip to leave an uphill putt and you will be successful.

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