Green Phone 11/04

The Green Phone was created so the fans could voice their
opinions. Give us a call and let us know what’s on your mind.
The Green Phone was created so the fans could voice their opinions. Give us a call and let us know what’s on your mind.

CALLER 1: I read an article in Friday, Oct. 28’s sports section about one of the major players on the Mustangs being injured? And that’s why he couldnt play. I’d take a look at that. I forgot to tell you it’s No. 1. I’d ask how really hurt he is, what really happened.

GREEN PHONE: Caller, the official reason the Dispatch was given by the Gilroy coaching staff about why Justin Sweeney was not going to play was because he was injured. If you would like to know more, maybe the source can enlighten you further.

CALLER 1: Hello, I’m calling in regard to the sports editorial in Saturday’s Dispatch. I’m horrified that the Dispatch would publish an article which brought public shame and humiliation to a kid. As a parent, I would not want this to happen to my children. As a community member, I cannot support a paper that stoops to this level. It’s time to rethink your standards.

GREEN PHONE: The truth is that we completely agree with you. It is not, and never has been our intention to publically humiliate any local athlete, especially a high school student. And we sincerely feel that we maintained that standard in this case as well. Much more could have been said if that was our intent. But it wasn’t. Truth is caller, we have received feedback from many at the school, fans and athletes alike, that have applauded the column for the way it was handled. Justin Sweeney is a phenomenal athlete, as was clearly spelled out in the column. He has the potential for greatness and we believe that it is our responsibility to write about a situation when everyone is talking about it. And believe us when we tell you, everybody is talking about it. Our hope is that Justin takes the matter to heart, which we are confident he will do, and sets the proper example worthy of an established leader. Athletes of Justin Sweeney’s caliber are judged as much by their conduct off the field as they are on. With the glory comes responsibility. It goes with the trerritory – and it should.

CALLER 3: Hall of Famers forever. Congratulations Mr. Buck and Mr. Vogel. The photo. Wow! Does anyone know the identity of the player second from right? I swear I grew up seeing that nose every day. Does anyone know who this is? Thank you.

GREEN PHONE: Sorry, Caller 3. We’re not sure who it is. The Green Phone only recognized the noses of Pinocchio, Abe Lincoln and Barbara Streisand. Maybe a reader who knows will call in to the Green Phone and we’ll have your answer next Friday.

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