Candidates Out Stumping for Votes

With three days left before election day, candidates looking for
Gilroy – Campaign mailers and precinct walks are on the weekend menu for council candidates as they head into the Tuesday election.

Councilman Charles Morales, who is seeking a fourth term on the city’s top governing body, plans to knock on doors across the city to help spread his campaign message.

“My strategy is to do as much community outreach as I can, and not just in one neighborhood,” he said. He also plans to send out a final campaign mailer and hang signs on doorknobs with the help of his grandchildren.

Council incumbent Bob Dillon plans to distribute fliers, but will focus his door-to-door visits on the city’s core area, including Church and Rosanna streets.

The city’s core neighborhood also beckoned to planning commissioner Dion Bracco, who is running again for city council after missing a seat on the dais by just 70 votes in 2003. Bracco believes that absentee ballots may prove the deciding factor in this election, but he will hedge his bets by knocking on doors this weekend.

A new mailer will arrive in residents’ mailboxes by Monday bearing the name of Councilman Craig Gartman, who is seeking a second term on council. He too planned to knock on doors, but declined to reveal his strategy.

Council candidate Peter Arellano could not be reached comment.

Some campaign observers believe most people decide on a candidate weeks before the election, but at least one council hopeful is undeterred.

“I don’t think it’s too late to change people’s minds or I wouldn’t be doing it,” Dillon said. “People may have their minds made up on one or two candidates, but there are three seats up and they have three votes.”

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