Out-of-control Unions Simply Being Tamed

Dear Editor,
Donna Fischer is lying when she says,

Proposition 75 directly attacks all unions

(Nov. 2). The only thing


is their extortion practice.
Dear Editor,

Donna Fischer is lying when she says, “Proposition 75 directly attacks all unions” (Nov. 2). The only thing “attacked” is their extortion practice.

And she is very misleading in stating that union members “have always had the right to opt out of any political donations.” (They actually didn’t until the Supreme Court in the late 1990’s ruled in favor of some union members who got fed up with funding political extremism.)

Most union members (few of whom know of said right, and the unions will not tell them) have to jump through hoops to receive back the portion of their dues that is spent on political purposes (slavishly endorsing Democrats).

Some unions harass members who request said portion back by charging them administrative “fees” and instituting time limits. Contrary to Ms. Fischer’s statement, public-employee unions care only about how much they can sock it to California taxpayers; they are exactly what put this state in the red during the Grayvis regime.

And with computer spreadsheets readily available, there will be no “bureaucratic nightmare” as the unions claim; all they need is one computer-literate person managing finances. They simply won’t be able to easily force members to contribute; a perfect example is the $60 they recently wrested from each member to fight the reforms on which we will vote this month.

End the extortion. Vote YES on 75!

Alan Viarengo, Gilroy

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