ATV Accident Kills 12-Year-Old

While riding in Aromas, a San Juan boy dies at the scene
Aromas – After a day spent rodeoing and hanging out with friends, a quick ride on an off-road vehicle turned deadly for a 12-year-old San Juan Bautista boy who was killed Sunday when he crashed the all terrain vehicle he was riding in Aromas.

Colin Coady and two friends rode all-terrain vehicles on rural property off Highway 101 in Aromas. He died a little after 2pm after he crashed the 2004 Honda ATV and suffered massive head and neck trauma, according to California Highway Patrol Office Chris Armstrong.

Police are be unable to discern exactly what killed Coady until an autopsy is performed Wednesday, and because there were no witnesses to the collision, Armstrong said. They are in the process of piecing together bits of information in the hopes of figuring out what led to the accident, Armstrong said.

Coady, who lived to ride horses, had been at a rodeo earlier that day and was riding the ATV to a friend’s home from the Highway 101 Livestock Auction Yard in Aromas, according to his father, Alan Coady.

Coady and his two friends, a 14 and 15-year-old boy, who also were not wearing helmets, were driving the vehicles to one of the boy’s homes when the accident occurred.

Coady’s dad said the boy had experience riding ATVs and also was unsure what caused him to crash the vehicle.

Preliminary investigation reveals that Coady split off from the group, drove the vehicle up a hill and though a grazing pasture at an unknown speed, Armstrong said. He continued across a dirt roadway and up another hill, when he either lost control of the vehicle or possibly tried to jump it, Armstrong said. Police believe the ATV overturned and landed on top of the boy.

Coady’s friends noticed a cloud of dust, rode up the hill and found him, Armstrong said. One of the boys stayed with him while the other rode to the house and got his parents, who called 911.

While still in a state of shock Monday, Coady’s father praised the work done by paramedics and officers with the CHP and San Benito County Sheriff’s Office.

A funeral service will be held Friday at the San Juan Bautista Mission at 10am, and a memorial service will follow at the Highway 101 Livestock Auction.

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