No Victory for Arnold

Voters decisively reject three
of governor’s measures
Gilroy – While more than half of Californians shot down placing a cap on school spending, voters remained split on the teacher tenure issue.

Proposition 74, which would increase the probationary period from two to five years and allow school boards to fire an educator who receives two consecutive unsatisfactory reviews, failed.

Proposition 76, which would have overturned Proposition 98, which provided a minimum level of school funding that increased annually and limited state spending to the prior year’s level plus three previous years’ average revenue growth, was defeated.

The initiative also would have given Schwarzenegger, under certain circumstances, the right to reduce budget appropriations. About 40 percent or 1,488,717 voters voted for Proposition 76 and 60 percent or 2,199,670 voted against it.

Proposition 75, another one of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s four pet initiatives which will prevent unions from using dues for political purposes without annual written consent from members, was in a heated race. A total of 51 percent or 1,864,146 were in favor and 50 percent or 1,828,497 against.

Californians rejected Proposition 77, which would have required a three-member panel of judges to draw voting district lines for the state assembly and senate, instead of politicians. A total of 44 percent or 1,586,553 voted against the initiative and 57 percent or 2,071,827 voted against it.

While attending a victory party on Tuesday night in Salinas, Dale Morejon said he wasn’t ready to comment on the election results. The California Teachers Association chapter services consultant said there are about 100 people at the party watching the results.

Mark Zappa said he was really disappointed that Proposition 77 was shot down. The Gilroy businessman and political activist said he thinks the commercials with the three old judges and Judge Wapner swayed the voters.

“Basically saying don’t trust stupid guys like me,” said Zappa, while hanging out at the Happy Dog Pizza Co. in Gilroy.

Zappa said he thought Proposition 77 was the best initiative on the ballot.

He was surprised that even with all the union money poured into Proposition 75, the yeas were ahead.

Zappa’s crossing his fingers in the hope that the teacher tenure measure passes.

“We’ll see what happens,” he said. “It’s way too early to call. I’m hoping that it will make a come-back.”

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