Arnold Was Never Welcome Here

In 2003, Santa Clara County voters didn’t approve the recall of
Davis and voted in favor of Cruz Bustamante
Gilroy – It makes sense that Santa Clara County voters would reject, by a large majority, all of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s initiatives. The locals didn’t even want the guy at California’s helm.

Back in 2003, 58 percent of county voters cast ballots to keep Gray Davis in office, while statewide 55 percent voted to recall the former California governor. When left with the choice of electing another candidate, if Davis was kicked out, 40 percent of locals voted for Cruz Bustamante and 39 percent for Schwarzenegger.

In California, 49 percent voted for Schwarzenegger and 32 percent for Bustamante.

Aside from the recall election Santa Clara County residents tend to cast votes in a fashion similar to California, albeit with a bit more liberal flair. Locals elected John Kerry, casting 64 percent of their votes in his favor, while 54 percent of Californians voted for the former senator and presidential candidate.

Local results for Tuesday’s election were similar to that of the state but not nearly as close as those from San Benito County. Election results from the little county to the south mirror those of the state.

In Tuesday’s special election, the state and county turn-outs were identical at 42.6 percent. Also, San Benito County voters had the smallest average differential between their vote and the statewide vote on every initiative compared to all of California’s 58 counties.

In the 2003 recall, 55 percent of the state and 55 percent of San Benito voters rejected the recall. Also, 49 percent of voters both statewide and in San Benito selected Schwarzenegger to fill Davis’ seat.

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