Super Secrecy at City Hall

The following organizations and individuals deserve either
CHEERS or JEERS this week:
The following organizations and individuals deserve either CHEERS or JEERS this week:

JEERS: For the Gilroy City Council which allowed city staff and attorneys to lead them into a super-duper secret meeting and arrogantly claim that the topic was of such utmost concern that Gilroyans didn’t deserve even to know the subject matter. We’re wondering if all this highfalutin posturing is a smokescreen for something the public really should know about. Perhaps the newly elected Dion Bracco and Peter Arellano will be less inclined to shut the door on the residents of Gilroy. All it takes is one person with the courage to speak up for “sunshine” in local government. Stay tuned on this one.

CHEERS: For the news that perchlorate levels are on the decrease in most poisoned wells. It’s too soon to tell if the decrease is permanent, but after this winter’s rains the picture should become clear. Let’s hope Mother Nature and clean-up efforts combine to lower those levels below state health goals.

JEERS: For the number of part-time professors working at Gavilan College. Yes, it’s a funding issue, but isn’t there a creative way to those numbers and reward some deserving instructors with a full-time job?

CHEERS: For the news that the Sobrato Transitional Housing Center in Gilroy is moving forward and taking applications for apartments from the homeless. In less than a week, more than 100 applications were received. The need, clearly, has been demonstrated. If you’d like to help the homeless this winter on a more elemental level, “Winter Survival Kits” containing water-repellent jackets, gloves, socks and flashlights will be distributed by the St. Joseph’s Family Center. Call volunteer Kat Filice at 842-2275 for details.

JEERS: For the ongoing mess that is animal control in the South County … Morgan Hill doesn’t want to participate in a joint South County animal control effort, the long-range plans for the San Martin Animal Shelter are unclear and Gilroy residents can adopt at the shelter but cannot drop off a stray or unwanted pet. Santa Clara County spent $100,000 for a long-term report that’s gathering dust. It’s a sinful waste of taxpayer money and a classic example of government ineptness.

JEERS: To the Valley Transportation Authority for producing a plan than doesn’t work. The Southern Gateway Land Use and Transportation Study is unfocused, overreaching and incomplete and financially unfeasible, according to those familiar with the report. And, it will be impossible to implement without significant changes are made.

JEERS: To legislators for letting a bill that would have allowed nonprofit organizations to conduct charity poker games to die in committee, despite support from the Department of Justice. The California law is harsh and legislators need to revisit the matter.

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