Report of Gun Shots Locks Down Sobrato High School

Police find no evidence of danger
After a report of gunshots in the area, Sobrato High School was locked down for more than 30 minutes Monday afternoon, but Morgan Hill police and Sheriff’s Office deputies found no evidence of gun play.

“They were unable to find anything, and they let us know when they felt it was safe to release the school from lockdown,” Principal Rich Knapp said Monday. “Safety is our first responsibility. We will always err on the side of caution.”

Students were in fourth period classes when a P.E. teacher reportedly heard what sounded like shots apparently coming from behind the fields northwest of the school.

Students were called in from P.E., and a lockdown announcement was made just before 12:30pm. Teachers lock their doors during a lockdown, and no one is allowed out of the classrooms until the lockdown is removed.

School officials called Morgan Hill police.

School Resource Officer Gary Cupps and other officers conducted a search of the fields, and, as officers continued to search, they reached county jurisdiction and called in deputies.

“There’s a lot of property out there, rural property,” said MHPD Cmdr. Joe Sampson. “It was a big area to cover, and some if it is in the county’s jurisdiction.”

Sampson said officers did not find anyone else who had heard the shots, nor did they find anyone with a gun. Officers talked to a man at a residence on Nicholas Avenue, and although he had been in the yard most of the morning, he said he had not heard anything.

The lockdown was lifted at 1pm; students were allowed to have a full lunch period, as their normal lunch time was during the lockdown, but their fifth and sixth period classes were shortened.

A letter from Knapp explaining what occurred was sent home with students. In the letter, Knapp emphasized that the lockdown was a “precautionary measure,” and that students were not in danger. He also asked parents to limit calls to the school during lockdowns so the phone lines can be kept clear.

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