Keep Lawns Looking Healthy into the Winter

After a long, hot summer and an even hotter and longer Indian
summer this fall, your lawn may be suffering a bit this time of
After a long, hot summer and an even hotter and longer Indian summer this fall, your lawn may be suffering a bit this time of year.

Never fear. This is the time to resurrect your grass, whether we’re talking about simply giving it a boost by fertilizing or taking more drastic measures, such as reseeding or sodding.

Fertilizer will quickly give grass lawns a boost. For best results, choose a granular, controlled-release product that is high in nitrogen. You can tell how much nitrogen is in a product since it is the first of the three numbers found in the fertilizer ratio on bags.

Many fertilizer companies even make special winter formulations, such as Scotts’ “Winterizer.” Controlled-release fertilizers also last longer and produce better grass plants with no starvation periods or growth spurts.

If you have weeds actively growing in your lawn, go with a so-called “weed-and-feed” product instead of straight fertilizer.

The lawn should be wet so the particles will stick to the blades and the weed-control is absorbed. You will see the weeds slowly shrivel and begin to die as the product is absorbed and roots begin to dry up.

If your lawn is full of weeds, you should spray with a product, such as Ortho’s Weed-B-Gon.” Mix utilizing a hose-end sprayer and spray your entire lawn.

This product will only kill weeds and not the grass. In severe cases, you may be left with patches of lawn that remain dead and are unable to respond.

All you need to do is to buy some grass seed, scratch the top half-inch of soil with a rake, sprinkle the grass seed, lightly cover and water.

If you’ve been thinking of re-doing your lawn, this is the ideal time to plant grass, either by seed or laying sod.

Our weather is still warm, yet not scorching like summer.

By planting now, you can take full advantage of our fall-winter rains. By next spring, your lawn will be completely ready to take anything your kids can throw at it.

Whether you go with grass seed or sod is entirely up to you. The groundwork is the same. Namely, you have to tear out the old grass, prepare by rototilling and adding organic compost, and finally rolling to level things out.

Then, it’s either distributing grass seed or unrolling sod. If it doesn’t rain, you’ll have to regularly water until Mother Nature decides to help.

Please be aware that your entire garden could also use a boost of fertilizer this time of year.

You can use liquid fertilizers like Miracle-Gro and spray everything. Liquid fertilizers are great because the nutrients are absorbed through leaves and twigs, too, rather than just the roots.

Dry fertilizers for the entire garden can easily be spread with a whirlybird-type spreader. Fall is for growing, so give your garden a boost.

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