Raise for Superintendent, Not School Board

Questioning pay

With the increase in salary for Edwin Diaz, superintendent for
Gilroy Unified School District, did the Gilroy board also give
themselves a kick in what they receive?
Questioning pay

“With the increase in salary for Edwin Diaz, superintendent for Gilroy Unified School District, did the Gilroy board also give themselves a kick in what they receive? And you might include for the reading public how much those people make each month. Thank you.”

Red Phone:

Pat Midtgaard, GUSD board vice president, said the board did not give themselves a raise.

Midtgaard said the members take home a monthly paycheck of $221, which she thinks is quite reasonable considering the number of meetings and school visits required of trustees.

The board also receives full health care benefits, including vision and dental.

Midtgaard said the “public might be surprised” to learn that board members don’t only attend two meetings a month. There are numerous study sessions and special meetings staged throughout the year. She said the board works between 30 to 35 hours a month on school issues.

School board suggestion

“Hello Red Phone, you’re doing a great job! Keep it up! This message may be too late because the school board may have chosen someone already. I have some thought concerning the school board vacancy with a one-year term. May I suggest the following: Have Ms. Cynthia Walker sit on the board for six months, then relinquish that seat to Ms. Denise Apuzzo for the next six months. Having read both ladies’ excellent columns, they seem to know exactly what’s wrong with the Gilroy Unified School District. I say we give them a chance to come up with some ideas on how to fix it. Anyone else have suggestions? Thanks for listening, Red Phone.”

Red Phone:

No problem, caller, and you’re not too late. The board is still on the hunt to fill the seat. In fact, in case you missed it in Tuesday’s edition, the Gilroy Unified School District received its first application for the vacant board seat.

Kai Lai, who volunteers for the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the GUSD Accountability Taskforce, is the district’s first candidate to fill the seat vacated by TJ Owens when he unexpectedly died on Oct. 17.

To read the story in its entirety, visit www.gilroydispatch.com and search for ‘GUSD Receives First Application for Board.’

Interested in applying? Candidates must submit a cover letter, contacts of at least three references and a resume. Send applications to Superintendent Edwin Diaz, 7810 Arroyo Circle, Gilroy, CA 95020 or fax to 847-4717.

Movie mania

“In the Saturday paper, would it be too much trouble to put in what’s playing at the local movie theaters? We never know where to get that information. Well I guess you could call on the phone, but I think that would be a great service for the Gilroy Dispatch and to us if you would put what is playing at the local theater, that’s the Platinum, right here in Gilroy. I thank you. Bye.”

Red Phone:

Don’t thank it too soon, caller. Red Phone hates to disappoint, but this request has been made before and the answer remains the same. Since the redesign was implemented last year, the Dispatch no longer prints movie times – unless the theater places an advertisement.

The best Red Phone can do is offer you the phone number of Gilroy’s Platinum Theaters, 846-6843. Keep it handy.


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