Documentary Details Colorful History of Horsemen’s Journeys

Justin Fields, a participant in the ‘Tapadero’ documentary,

The South Valley’s rich history of old ranches, cattle, horses and the cowboys who rode them is all captured in the new, 80-minute documentary “Tapadero,” and the public will have the opportunity get a glimpse into the past.

At 6pm Nov. 19, Tapadero will be previewed where some of the stories take place: Casa Maria at Old Mission San Juan Bautista.

The film takes vaquero (cowboy) history back to the 17th century in Mexico, where Father Kino began breeding his Spanish Barbs, the horses that came with the early missionaries to California. Because Spain decreed that the missions had to be self-sufficient, the padres created huge ranchos to support them.

The previewing of the film is being cosponsored by the Southwest Roundup of San Juan Bautista, and seating is limited. Admission is $5 per person, and proceeds benefit the mission. For more information, call (805) 695-0164, e-mail [email protected] or go to

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