Rent Gilroy High School Carolers for the Holidays

Chamber Singers stage Christmas fundraiser
Gilroy – Add a little festive flair to your holiday party by tapping into our local talent and renting a bevy of Christmas carolers.

The Gilroy High School Chamber Singers are once again holding their Rent-a-Caroler fundraiser. The fundraiser will run from Nov. 30 to 12pm on Christmas Eve.

Carolers can be rented in groups of eight for $100, 12 for $175 and 20 or more for $250. There is also a transportation cost if the function is outside the immediate Gilroy area.

All proceeds are tax deductible.

The student’s standard repertoire lasts between 20 to 25 minutes and sometimes they sing for an hour as background music at parties, said Phil Robb, director of the GHS choir.

The 16-year-old fundraiser has helped fund many of the singers activities particularly their overseas trips, while the actual dollar amount varies from year-to-year, said Robb.

“The years that we travel overseas we push a little harder,” he said.

Last year the students earned about $6,000. In 2003 they earned close to $10,000. The students average about 50 to 60 performances during the three-week fundraiser.

The singers aren’t traveling abroad this year but they are planning a trip to Japan next year. This year’s money will fund trips to Southern California.

The fundraiser is a big boost for the program, said Robb.

“What helps out is when someone will pay for the kids to come and give a donation above and beyond the request,” he said.

Robb also noted that the sound improves as more students are added.

To book a performance contact Robb at 847-2424, ext. 2288.

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