Fighting Off VTA Power

The following organizations and individuals deserve either
CHEERS or JEERS this week:
The following organizations and individuals deserve either CHEERS or JEERS this week:

CHEERS: For County Supervisor Don Gage who is taking a hard-line stance against the powers that be on the Valley Transportation Authority who are pushing for BART-to-San Jose and other expensive North County projects that will put the kibosh on many needed and long-awaited transportation projects in our neck of the woods. Gage’s support, or lack thereof, is critical if the VTA is going to pass another sales tax. Keep up the good fight!

JEERS: For the Gilroy City Council which ducked, dodged and circumvented the state’s open-meeting laws to discuss the settlement of a lawsuit arising from an embarrassing sexual harassment termination that a judge overturned. What’s most embarrassing is the Council’s decision to try and keep it from the public – especially when taxpayers are likely going to shell out significant dollars for City Hall mismanagement.

CHEERS: For last year’s rainfall, and for Uvas Creek, which ran off through Silva’s Crossing all summer long. Perhaps another winter of heavy rainfall will wash away South County’s perchlorate problem. Though if these 80-degree November days keep up, we’ll be in a drought before you know it. (But don’t tell the Santa Clara Valley Water District Board; they’ll raise our rates and hand themselves a Christmas bonus for doing such a good job.)

CHEERS: For Darren Yafai, who has coached the Gilroy High Mustang football team for seven years. It’s a tough job that takes a lot of hours and never “pencils out.” It takes a dedicated coach – someone who really cares about the young people on the team – to give the hours and energy to such a demanding program. Thanks, coach, on behalf of this community. And while we’re at it …

CHEERS: For the Gilroy High School field hockey family for an outstanding season and the addition of Kai Gemar, a healthy baby boy born to co-coaches Erin and Adam Gemar in the midst of the team’s Central Coast Section playoff run. Mitty, a perennial powerhouse and this year’s top-ranked team, ended Gilroy’s best season ever in the CCS semifinals. But the Mustang dedication, play and spirit were outstanding all season.

JEERS: For the lagging Thanksgiving donations to St. Joseph’s Family Center. Perhaps the weather’s been too nice, but now’s the time for Gilroyans to rally. Bring a turkey and all the fixings – or a check – to 7950 Church St. this weekend, and help make the holiday joyful for those less fortunate than yourself. The Salvation Army, 200 W. Fifth St., needs our help, too.

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