Arrest in Gang Attack

Teen arrested in connection with shooting in D-Mart shopping
Gilroy – Police arrested a 17-year-old Gilroy man in connection with the Oct. 28 gang-related shooting in the parking lot of D-Mart that left two Gilroy teens with gunshot wounds.

Anti-Crime Team investigators found the man at his home in Gilroy Friday night and arrested him without incident. He is being held at juvenile hall for attempted murder.

The teens, 14 and 16 years old, suffered multiple pellet wounds from a single shotgun blast. Both were flown to San Jose area hospitals for treatment. The boys are healing and getting their lives back to normal, said a victim’s relative who asked to remain anonymous.

“We can sleep a little better now,” she said. “I feel a lot safer that the shooter is in, but we don’t know how his friends feel about it.”

Police are still searching for a second suspect.

The victims’ family members have been cooperating with the Gilroy Police Department, she said.

“The boys are staying away from each other so there’s not any confusion about gang relations,” she said.

Since the shooting three weeks ago, ACT investigators have been following a roller coaster of leads. They interviewed more than a dozen witnesses and people of interest before making the arrest.

The suspect vehicle that was involved has been recovered at a residence outside Gilroy.

ACT investigators arrested the teen at his home shortly after 7pm.

“We do believe this person did it,” said Sgt. Kurt Svardal.

The shooting has been categorized as an act of gang-related violence.

“We just pray that youngsters get out of this lifestyle,” the family member said. “It ain’t worth shooting someone over a color. Hopefully they will learn.”

Anyone with information about this case may contact Investigator Pedro Espinoza at 846-0384. To remain anonymous, call 846-0346.

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