An Attitude of Gratitude

Our View: Our community is infused with a generous spirit and
people who work hard to achieve worthy goals. We have much to be
thankful for in Gilroy
We have many blessings to be thankful for in Gilroy: great weather, a beautiful place to live and a wonderful community. In our town, we reach out to each other – the Ailes family in their sorrow, the sports teams in their joy and those in need of food and shelter, for example. And, together, we reach out to the world when we invite everyone and anyone to our big summer garlic party. Not only do we throw a party that’s known the world over, we do it to support local good causes.

Thousands of volunteers work thousands of hours to give thousands of dollars to schools, churches and service organizations. When we spend all that time together working for our community, we build a sense of togetherness and town identity that many other cities search for. Let us be thankful for our Garlic Festival, for the work so many of us do and for the community spirit that comes from that work.

Our community spirit compels us to reach out to those less fortunate than we are. We support all kinds of drives: collecting teddy bears for children victims of the hurricanes, sending care packages for soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq, and building survival kits for homeless people. We support weekly meals at the Lord’s Table and the Salvation Army; we collect food and gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner baskets for families in need. We have worked to keep emergency shelters open at the National Guard Armory and Ochoa Center.

Next year, thanks to local work and commitment, we should have a permanent center to provide services for people without homes. Organizations like Community Solutions and the Gilroy Ministerial Association have already begun the work of supporting the permanent center with supplies, furnishings and services. Gilroyans host birthday parties and ask for blankets and canned goods for the poor instead of presents for themselves.

Our community spirit compels us to argue passionately about our vision of Gilroy. Committed citizens have given thousands of hours to develop plans for Hecker Pass, preservation of open space and agriculture, and downtown redevelopment. Because of their commitment and passion, we can articulate our town identity in the way we grow.

This Thanksgiving as we travel, shop, bake, clean, cook and eat together, let us rejoice in the generous community spirit that defines our Gilroy. Let us give thanks for all who care: our school children who have turkey drives, clothing drives, car washes to support causes; our community organizations that collect money, shoes and food; our faith communities that feed the hungry and clothe the shivering. Thank you, Gilroy. Have a wonderful, safe and blessed Thanksgiving.

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