Green Phone

The Green Phone was created so the fans could voice their
opinions. Give us a call and let us know what’s on your mind.
CALLER 1: Calling in response to the person in the Green Phone (last week) blaming Justin Sweeney for the loss to Live Oak. Wow. Yeah, while they did lose by that single point, the fact that they could not hold a 27-7 half-time lead is the reason Gilroy lost that game. I would say maybe Justin needs an attitude adjustment. I will tell you he’s been nothing but polite any time I have met him. But given 300 yards and three touchdowns he was a significant contributor to that game. I believe Justin was really responding to the “Who’s your Daddy” chant that was coming from the Live Oak stands which in fact itself is illegal and taunting when directed at a single player. So to put it all on Justin, that’s missing the boat. Thanks.

GREEN PHONE: Caller, you’re right, to put Gilroy’s loss to Live Oak all on Justin Sweeney would be unfair and that’s why we didn’t do that. Instead the writer who handled the story was quick to mention that it was several first half penalties, including Mr. Sweeney’s for showboating, that contributed to the loss.

CALLER 2: Come on Dispatch, can’t we get off Sweeney’s back? You know I heard a coach say the other day we’d be 1-9 without him and yet he’s singled out in a full-page article by the Dispatch and now some grumbler’s comment is put on the front page of the paper again. Did we forget the 320 yards and three touchdowns he made that game? The league’s leading rusher? What’s wrong with a little mistake? I understand we wanted him to be our football savior as he has been since Pop Warner but let’s stop crucifying him. It just doesn’t feel right. Rather, let’s celebrate the gift he was all those years. See ya.

GREEN PHONE: Caller, your comments are appreciated and your vocal support has now appeared on the front page as well. We would have loved nothing more than to celebrate Justin Sweeney’s amazing on-field accomplishments this season – unfortunately we couldn’t. The truth is if it had been one little mistake it would have never been published, it would have instead ended at that. It was, however, much more than just that one incident and became a distraction that was impossible to ignore. When you win the rushing title and few of your teammates share in your joy that speaks volumes as to the magnitude of the problem.

CALLER 3: Yeah, how about bringing back the outdoor column written by the folks at Henry Coe Park?

GREEN PHONE: Caller, Thank you for the suggestion. We will be running the column in the near future and possibly even creating an Outdoor Page.

CALLER 4: Hi, not really a beef. I was just wondering if you cover Anzar High’s sports program? And if you don’t, we’d sure like it if you would. And if you do, we certainly don’t see enough coverage of it. Thanks. Appreciate your help.

GREEN PHONE: We do cover Anzar and we will be increasing our local coverage of their teams as well. Our staffing situation has been severely taxed in recent weeks but we are now back to full staff and that is one area that will receive immediate attention.

CALLER 5: I’m from the class of ’62. We called the Gilroy Mustangs the Gilroy Mustangs. Sure is irritating to read this “Stangs” stuff. Why don’t we just call them the Gilroy Mustangs like they always have been and always should be.

GREEN PHONE: Caller, let’s just call it a sign of the times. It appears that the slang version has caught on in sports. The “Stangs and ‘Balers references have become commonplace to the point that if we don’t refer to them as such fans few us as the outsider not being in touch with the team. For what it’s worth we’re a bigger fan of Mustangs and Haybalers as well but it seems as if we’re in the minority on this one.

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