Gilroy Comes Through Again

Our View: Cheers for how Gilroyans responded to St. Joseph’s
need for turkeys
CHEERS: For the generous Gilroyans who rallied to make sure turkeys aplenty were filling food baskets for the needy. The unseasonally warm weather, perhaps put a damper on donations, but when the call went out a few says ago, Gilroyans responded. The cupboards at St. Joseph’s Family Center filled up quickly with turkeys, canned goods and treats. More than 800 turkeys were donated in a two-day window and that’s a testament to this town’s spirit. Now, don’t forget to purchase an extra Christmas gift for one of our many gift trees.

CHEERS: For the number of residents who have thrown their hat into the ring for a seat on the Gilroy School Board. TJ Owens’ widow, Brenda Jordan-Owens, has applied for her husband’s seat in the wake of his untimely passing. Javier Aguirre, a policy aide for Santa Clara County Supervisor Blanca Alvarado, and David Stiffler, a transplant from Indiana who served on a school governing board there, join Bob Heisey, who ran and lost in 2004, and two former Gilroy Unified School District trustees, Kai Lai and Bill Paterson. Options are good. May the board select the most qualified candidate who will help propel GUSD forward.

JEERS: For the county registrar of voter’s ridiculous claim in his letter to the editor that the cost would be the same to the county if county employees working the polls used a vacation or personal day as if they get paid for both as working days. It’s just not true. The county would have one less vacation day or personal day to pay for each of these double-dip employees, thus clearly reducing its costs. (In the private sector, unused time off represents real costs that have to be reported on balance sheets). Yes we know the lection is weeks past, but this one stuck around. Argh!

JEERS: For the City of Morgan Hill which is going to give an $11.5 million incentive to build a shopping center that will move a Target store from one center to another. The problem is that the leases in the current center all depend on Target staying put. Rob Peter, pay Paul and chase the almighty sales tax dollar at the expense of common growth sense.

CHEERS: To the Gilroy Police Department for making an arrest in the gang-related shooting in front of DMart Oct. 28. Let’s hope the 17-year-old is charged as an adult and if guilty receives the maximum punishment.

JEERS: For the apparent demise of the Independence Day biker rally in Hollister. It’s a shame our neighbor can’t saddle that economic engine in a productive way. The event has a ripple effect here – gas stations, motels and restaurants certainly benefit from the stream of motorcycle visitors. The crumbling of the event is yet another reminder of Gilroy’s ongoing accomplishment in keeping the Garlic Festival vibrant and successful.

JEERS: For the city’s of Gilroy’s lack of ability to get the clock atop the signature city building, Old City Hall, wound so it tells the right time. Holy Toledo, this isn’t Atwater or Mendota. If the city can’ solve this, perhaps it’s time to sell the building off to pay for increased pension costs for government workers.

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