Police Plan to Send Coach Investigation to District Attorney Today

District attorney will decide if charges are warranted against
either party
Morgan Hill – The results of a weeks-long investigation into allegations that Sobrato Head Football Coach Jeff Patterson received oral sex from a student in his car during school hours in early November will be forwarded to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office today, according to police.”The case will be presented to the filing District Attorney,” Morgan Hill Police Cmdr. Terrie Booten said Monday.

Booten would not comment on the specifics of the investigation, nor on what possible charges could be filed.Phone calls to Patterson home in Hollister and his attorney, Larry Biegel, were not returned Monday.

Victoria Brown of the District Attorney’s sexual assault team supervises 15 assistant District Attorneys and will review the report presented by MHPD detectives. She wouldn’t comment if a three-week investigation into allegations like this were unusual. She did not know when the DA would make a decision if any charges would be filed.

“To answer that would be a guess,” she said. “It truly depends on the case.”

As Brown had not been presented with any information on the alleged incident, she could not comment specifically. She cited the California Penal Code when asked about possible charges; if the victim of oral copulation is 16 or 17, she said, the charge could be either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the facts of the case.

Patterson has not been charged with anything or arrested. He did not attend his varsity team’s last football game or the end of the year banquet. He is on leave from his job as a math teacher at Sobrato.

The 17-year-old student told her father, who called police on Nov. 8, that Patterson “urged” her to forge a note to get out of her sixth period class on Nov. 4, then picked her up in his car as she waited on Burnett Avenue. She said they then drove to the UPS store, then drove to a side street and parked, and she had oral sex with him.

According to the entry in the police dispatch log, when the girl’s father called police, he told them he “believes the acts may be consensual, but the daughter did see a counselor today because she is very emotional.”

The police investigation into the incident is over, unless Brown determines more work is needed, Booten said.

“She and the detectives will discuss the case, and she may have additional questions,” she said. “From that point, additional work may need to be done, or the filing DA may be satisfied with what has been presented.”

The result – charges filed or no charges filed – could come as soon as today, Booten said.

“There could be an immediate decision, or it could be that more work needs to be completed,” she said. “If there are charges filed, against either party, then a warrant would be issued and bail set, based on the charges. We would attempt to contact those involved at that time.”

Police were waiting for results of testing of samples sent to the county crime lab. Though police would not disclose the nature of the samples, MHPD Cmdr. Joe Sampson did say earlier that Patterson’s car was impounded for a day, and evidence was collected from it.

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