Shame on Semis Rolling on Hecker Pass

– CHP Patrols
– Not-So-Hot Tamales
– Trees, Trees, Everywhere
– Kudos to Circulation
CHP patrols

“Hey Red Phone. This morning I was on Hecker Pass and I saw seven semi trucks headed up the pass and that’s illegal. Semi trucks are not supposed to go over Hecker Pass. I’m just wondering where the California Highway Patrol is when you need them. Do they ever patrol Hecker Pass? Thank you.”

Red Phone:

It guesses the answer is yes, but Red Phone checked – just to make sure.

“Yes, we do patrol Hecker Pass,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Chris Armstrong. “We patrol up to the top of Mt. Madonna.”

There are posters on Hecker Pass Highway warning that if someone sees an oversized vehicle on Hecker Pass to call the CHP. Armstrong urges individuals to call 1-800-TELL-CHP in such an event. The number connects to both the Santa Clara County CHP and Santa Cruz County, who patrols the opposite side.

Not-so-hot tamales

“Hi Red Phone. First I want to say that I think you guys are doing a great job to the community by offering this service. I’m calling regarding a situation that I’ve encountered at the Safeway and Wal-Mart parking lots, and that is being solicited to buy tamales from people selling them out of their cars. My question to you is, is the health department involved in this and also do these people have a business license to be conducting business in this manner? I’d appreciate it if you’d check into this. Thank you.”

Red Phone:

Sgt. Kurt Svardal of the Gilroy Police Department said the individuals are required to have a business license. Anytime you are distributing food the health department needs to have been involved, he said.

“I would strongly caution people against making those purchases,” Svardal said.

To report these instances, call the department at 846-0350 or the Santa Clara County Health Department at 299-6060.

Trees, trees, everywhere

“Hi Red Phone. Not too long ago you guys published a story about the 10,000 trees going in on Santa Teresa Boulevard. Shortly after that article, you ran a breakdown of the trees and what types they are. Would you be so kind as to give me that breakdown one more time? Thanks so much.”

Red Phone:

You’re very welcome, good caller!

Steve Beams, City of Gilroy Engineering Tech/Inspector, sent the Red Phone a “fast facts” sheet on the 10,134 trees and shrubs and the breakdown is as follows:

– 59 – 36″ box trees

– 10 – 24″ box trees

– 407 – 15 gallon trees

– and 9,658 – 5 gallon trees and shrubs

The anticipated project completion date is in December.

Kudos to circulation

“Hello! The delivery boy or girl is putting my paper precisely where I wanted it. Good job! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!”

Red Phone:

Right back at you, caller. The Red Phone passed on your original call putting in a request to the circulation department. The Red Phone is pleased that you are satisfied with the outcome. Thanks for the call.


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