Caller Questions Amount of Landscaping

Overdone landscaping

I’m calling about the article on the Willey house … $166,000
for landscaping? For the city to even contemplate doing this is
Overdone landscaping

“I’m calling about the article on the Willey house … $166,000 for landscaping? For the city to even contemplate doing this is outrageous.

“The other thing is, the landscaper who provided all of the plants to the Santa Teresa upgrade, did they charge the city for all of those plants? They have at least two to three times more than they will ever need. By the time those grow up, it will be so full, it will be such a mess. Thank you.”

Red Phone:

The Red Phone contacted Gilroy’s Steve Beams to see what he had to say about your question and comment.

“The contractor charges for all labor and material (including plants) to install the project as designed by the architect,” he said.

As far as the amount of trees and plants in the area, Beams said there’s a reason for it all.

“For better or worse, it is not uncommon for projects to be somewhat over planted to more quickly give the effect of an established landscape,” he said. “This may require the thinning out of plant material as it matures.”

Sirens necessary?

“Early in the morning, around 1am, three fire engines, one with its siren on, went down the country lane toward Burchell Road on Hecker Pass Highway and I’ve been waiting to see what the matter was. I haven’t seen anything. I wonder if you could find out what was going on. And another question: Is it common for the fire department engines to go through a sleeping neighborhood with their sirens on? It was kind of … well, it woke me from my sleep. Thank you very much.”

Red Phone:

It’s difficult to determine what the call was for without more specific information, caller. You sound like a sweetheart, and though Red Phone understands your need for sleep, it has to wonder how on earth you could question the use of sirens – albeit in the wee hours of morning. Perhaps there were a few cars on the road that the firefighters needed to clear. Perhaps they were in a hurry because the person to which the engines were responding was in a life or death situation. Caller, if it were you, would you want the firefighters to silently creep through a neighborhood because of sleeping occupants or take an alternate, more lengthy route to avoid the neighborhood altogether? The Red Phone doesn’t. And though firefighters are stereotypically pranksters, the Red Phone bets they weren’t driving around the block blaring the siren for kicks.

Border control

“Hi Red Phone. In your (Nov. 29) issue, you featured a front page article in which local farmers complained that tighter border control was making it tough for them to obtain illegal alien help. They want border control reduced even further so they can get the low cost laborers they rely on to harvest the crops. They don’t seem concerned about terrorists who could harm us if our borders were not controlled. They also forgot that these illegal aliens are not low-cost laborers. … The U.S. taxpayer provides illegals free medical care … education, subsidized housing, food stamps … there are more benefits too numerous to mention. I might mention that many U.S. citizens can’t afford some of the services illegals get for free. … My solution is to make our state and country safer is to close the borders. This would also help us reduce the financial problems that illegal immigration is costing us. What we should do is force U.S. employers to follow the laws already in place regarding hiring illegal aliens. Anyhow, this is my feeling and I think probably most people’s feelings. … Thank you.

Red Phone:

The Red Phone believes in healthy debate and thinks your call might lead to such. Thanks for reading the article and letting it know how you feel.


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