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Perchlorate level below health goal, so Olin Corp. wants to stop
water delivery
San Martin – The Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board is accepting comments on a proposal to stop bottled water delivery for 168 families in San Martin.

The proposal follows a finding made earlier this year by the State Water Resources Control Board that the Olin Corp. need not provide water to residents whose wells test for perchlorate at or below 6 parts per billion, the state’s public health goal for the contaminant.

The 78 wells included in the proposal have all tested below the health goal for the last year. The wells will be tested twice over the next year to ensure they remain under the goal.

The application is expected to be the first of several Olin makes to cease water deliveries. Under the state ruling, the company does not have to replace the water of any well that tests at or below the health goal for four consecutive quarters.

All water deliveries will continue through Feb. 2006.

Perchlorate is a by-product of rocket fuel and road flares shown in some tests to disrupt thyroid function. Since 2002, Olin has been providing water to residents whose wells test as low as 2 to 4 parts per billion.

South County’s perchlorate contamination was revealed in February 2003, when Olin tried to sell its former road flare factory on Railroad Avenue in Morgan Hill. The plume has spread about 9.5 miles to the south and east of the site, contaminating more than 1,000 wells. Recent tests showed contamination levels decreasing.

Of the 850 wells tested during the summer, 642 wells tested below 4 parts per billion, 34 wells above 6 and 7 wells above 10.

How to Comment

– FAX: (805) 788-3507

– E-mail: [email protected]

– Mail: Roger Briggs, executive officer, Regional Water Quality Control Board, 895 Aerovista Place, Suite 101, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.

Comments due Jan. 14, 2006