Gavilan Shuts Out Public

Our View: For Supervisor Don Gage who is now behind the effort
to get a new


highway built from Highway 152 where it intersects with Highway
156 at the Don Pacheco Y to U.S. 101. That project should be at the
top of the list for South County
The following organizations and individuals deserve either CHEERS or JEERS this week:

JEERS: For the Gavilan College Board of Trustees and President Steve Kinsella. They have a duty to inform the taxpaying public how much the college will pay for 55 acres of land in Coyote Valley and what the the exact terms of the deal are. If a draft agreement has been sent to trustees, it should be made public. Officials need to remember who’s potentially paying for that campus. Residents should have a chance to scrutinize whether they believe this is a proper use of the bond money that they recently passed, and they should have plenty of time to consider the facts.

CHEERS: For the senior citizens at the Village Green Apartments in Gilroy who are collecting toys for terminally ill children and children from abusive homes. Joe Holmes exhibits the spirit of the season. His income is derived from Social Security yet he donated three shopping carts worth of toys. There’s still time to spread some Christmas cheer – check out our holiday donation list on page A7 today.

JEERS: For the Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays debate. During a time when joy and reflection should be paramount, is it really necessary to get into such a lather about something so trivial. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

CHEERS: For everyone who entered the city’s holiday decorating contest. Gilroy is a festive town, and each year the displays are a joy to behold and ponder. Cheers for the Chamber of Commerce, too, which sponsors the event. Don’t forget to save the front-page list of the entering home addresses from Friday’s paper for the holiday lights drive around town.

CHEERS: For the news that the Miwok-led Indian Casino, first proposed for just outside Gilroy, then close to Hollister and, lastly, for Los Banos, is on the skids. Reportedly, the five-member Miwok tribe in the middle of this may lose its federal sovereign status. Truth is, this proposal stunk from the very beginning.

CHEERS: For those who muttered, guffawed and shouted during or after the Monday night Gilroy Unified School District trustee selection meeting. Respect, and a thicker skin in applicant Bob Heisey’s case, are in order.

JEERS: For those like Valley Transportation Authority Manager Michael Burns who continue to hail the BART-to-San Jose project. We’re going to hear a lot of spin in the next few months, and voters need to be aware of how expensive the project will be (including cost overruns) and how fraudulent the ridership projection figures are.

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