Unusual Thunder and Lightning

Wicked weather

“I just have a question about the thunder and lightning (a few Friday’s ago). We’ve had several rainstorms, none of which have produced thunder and lightning. What changed atmospherically in the Gilroy and Morgan Hill area to produce the thunder and lightning? Hope we can get an answer for that. Thanks a lot.”

Red Phone:

It apologizes for the lengthy delay in getting to your call. Red Phone hopes you’re still looking for an answer, because here it is:

“Basically what’s needed for lighting is you need crystals in the clouds. That means the atmosphere needs to be unstable enough so that the clouds can grow really tall and get cold enough for ice crystals to form,” said Brooke Bingaman, National Weather Service Meteorologist. “Inside, when the ice crystals bump into each other they start to build up charges, like positive and negative charge. Eventually, the charges will produce a spark.”

According to Bingaman, lightning is an unusual occurrence in South County because the weather is generally mild.

“In the area it is pretty unusual, but then again, the weather pattern lately is pretty unusual.”

Make them pay!

“I would just like to voice my opinion on whether students should be disciplined, those who walked out for the immigration protest. I say absolutely. I think the time honored tradition of civil disobedience is alive and well, but civil disobedience does not preclude you from paying the price for that civil disobedience. You go into it knowing that you’re willing to give up a couple hundred dollars or maybe a couple days in jail to make your point. I say yes, their welcome to do it, but they should still pay the consequences. There are no freebies here. Thank you.”

– “Last year I went to get my granddaughter who had been ill, picked her up at lunch and we had to go to the nurses office to get a pass. The nurse all but threatened her if she had used her cell phone to call for me to come get her because she was ill. There would be consequences if she had used her cell phone on campus! Well I certainly hope there’s going to be consequences for the groups of students who we have many pictures of, for leaving campus. This is ridiculous. We can’t have a double standard. Her consequences were for using a cell phone!”

Red Phone:

In Thursday’s edition, a letter to the editor from Frank Valadez, Gilroy Unified School District Attendance Officer, states: “students who are truant, fall into the standard truancy procedures which are implemented throughout the district. Depending on the total number of unexcused absences a student might have, will determine whether students and parents are sent before the School Attendance Review Board, to a District Attorney Mediation or to court for prosecution. In conversations with (GHS) Principal (James) Maxwell prior to the anticipated walkout, this was clearly understood. What the district cannot do, without risking litigation against the district, is single out protesting students and impose additional and unusual consequences for the standard violation of truancy.

“… students should expect and accept consequences for their actions and be rest assured that district consequences for truancy have been in place and will be implemented, regardless of the numbers.”

Kirby kids

“Hi, I’m responding to the Kirby question. I concur with this caller. I have them come through my neighborhood, usually late at night, their eyes are red and they looked stoned. When I answer the door, I’ve asked can I have one of those flyers. It’s ‘oh, no, we need these’ and they left. I don’t think these are legitimate kids. Thanks.”

Red Phone:

Thanks for the call. Should anyone have an encounter with these ‘salespeople,’ take a good look at them and call police at 842-0350. Perhaps a neighborhood location and a description of the kids will offer the police a chance to check them out.

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