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There But for the Grace of God Go I – Something to Remember When Writing

Dear Editor,

Although I wasn’t a personal friend of Franca Barsi, I enjoyed chatting with her when I shopped at PW Market. I will always remember her charming personality and the way her beautiful eyes would light up whenever we talked about our children. I was deeply saddened to read about her tragic death and I am still perplexed as to why she ever became involved with the individual who took her life when I know she deserved better.

I believe that every good parent wants the best for their children (I know that we do). We have two daughters and two sons ages 11 and 22. From the time they were babies to today, we have taught them the value of good morals, integrity and respect for themselves and others. Sometimes they make me question myself as to why I didn’t invest in hearing aids!

I feel that parents are responsible for instilling good values and as our children grow older, they are responsible for maintaining them. I thank GOD (not Dr. Laura) that I am not a grandma yet nor do I have to visit my children in jail, our efforts and prayers have not been in vain.

I know that Franca loved her son very much. I know she was a wonderful and beautiful woman. Did she make some poor choices? The answer is pretty clear, and she paid the ultimate price for it. Sometimes wonderful people make bad decisions and I pray lives are spared by this sad example.

I stand in agreement with Ms. Walkers’ views on morality and the responsibilities of single parents. I just wish she would have stood by what she said in the ninth sentence of her column. Ms. Walker made a poor choice by crushing a family who is still struggling to get up. Let’s remember to use good morals by getting our point across while respecting others (dead or alive), it can be done.

Thank You and may God bless the Barsi family.

Lisa Shingu, Gilroy

The Golden Quill is awarded occasionally for a well-written letter.

Cheerleader Vote Was an Issue of Fairness – Not One of Academic Performance

Dear Editor,

Thank you, Mr. Tom Bundros, for taking time to share your views on the state of academic performance at Gilroy High School.

I don’t think anyone would disagree that much improvement is needed to meet the government mandated requirements.

The statistics you cite sound alarming. However, it is apparent you don’t understand why there is such an outcry regarding the cheerleader’s trip to Hawaii. It has nothing to do with academic performance.

The issue is fairness. The policy cited in denying the cheerleader’s request was first interpreted by Principal James Maxwell to allow the trip. The policy was then interpreted by a district administrator to deny the trip. The Gilroy Unified School District Board itself has cited the lack of clarity in the policy as it’s reason for reconsideration of the original vote to deny the trip. None of this has been fair to the students and staff who depend on the administrators to be clear and consistent in the application of policies.

The GUSD Board has to take the policy back to the drawing board for clarification before applying it again.

Phil Johnson, Gilroy

Pool Equipment Noise Means Move Away? That’s a Sad Situation

Dear Editor,

What a sad situation, that a neighbor needs to move to get away from the noise of a pool pump. I have fixed the noise problem for many pools and wonder why this one hasn’t been remedied.

Although some pumps are slightly noisier than others, there are two usual causes for noise. The bearings go bad or the pump cavitates. The bearings or motor can be replaced. More recently we are installing two-speed pump motors and controllers. The lower speed operation makes the noise level almost imperceptible.

The pool runs at high speed for a short time to prime and then kicks down to low for the remainder of the filtration cycle saving at least 50 percent on electrical usage. This also eliminates cavitation at low speed. Cavitation is caused by too big a pump on too small a suction pipe. A smaller impeller can also cure this problem. Spa air blowers are noisy. Some create less noise than others. They normally are only run for less than an hour when using the spa and so aren’t too annoying.

The pool pump noise may be preferable to other city noises such as the Santa Teresa Canyon with sirens from the new fire station blaring at all hours. How about living downtown in the new “cannery” where the new residents will enjoy the train whistles and rumbles for a good night and wake up each day?

Jack Herren, Jack’s Pool Service

Union and Education Basher Takes a Check from Gavilan College

Dear Editor,

While continuing to “eat at the trough of public education,” public school instructor Alan Viarengo is confused about what his own union does for him as a part-time public servant at Gavilan Community College.

Viarengo’s union, the Gavilan College Faculty Association, represents him in all matters regarding collective bargaining. That’s right, whether he wants it or not, his union is legally bound to represent him in the hourly adjunct salary he collects monthly, his working conditions on campus, keys that are given out to open classrooms, parking places and on and on.

If he needs to file a grievance against his employer, GCFA is required to step in and assist. Even though Viarengo hates unions, the union still represents him. Kind of a love-hate relationship.

Now to Deranged-Viarengo: If you truly live by strict principles of anti-public education and anti-unionism, please answer what all of Gilroy wishes to know: Why are you working at a public school and collecting union wages?

Dale Morejon, Gilroy

Plenty of Children from ‘Normal’ Families Turn Out Screwed Up

Dear Editor,

I have just read Cynthia Walker’s column and am disgusted. It is not her place, nor anyone else’s, to pass judgment on anyone alive or dead for the decisions they have made.

Yes, nowadays it is normal for women to raise children in a one-parent environment and date. Even though you may be in that situation, it doesn’t mean you should be condemned for your choices. Everyone one has problems in their relationships at some point – some not a drastic as others, but still if children are involved it effects them equally.

Even children who are products of two-parent so-called “normal” families come out screwed up. Scott Peterson, John Wayne Gasey, Jeffrey Dommert and the Melendez brothers are just to name a few. Basically, what it comes down to is all people are different as are there home lives, no one is perfect. Awareness and education are a good start to teach young women about the dangers in today’s world.

By the same token, all the awareness and education in the world cant predict the future of what each person’s life will bring them. I am pretty sure not even Dr. Laura has made the most perfect decisions her whole life and if she or any one else says or thinks they have, they need to quit lying to themselves.

Nichelle Lujan-Reynolds, Gilroy

Columnist Right On in Her Analysis

Dear Editor,

Lisa Pampuch’s analysis is dead right. All the small businesses owners I know on the Central California Coast Region support Prop. 90 to stem the tsunami of Eminent Domain Abuse and to reverse the malignant growth of berserk government authorized by the Supreme Court in Kelo v. City of New London.

Anyone who claims otherwise has not been in the trenches battling for small business survival for 25 years.

Joseph P. Thompson, Gilroy

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