Collett, Malick Excel

Gilroy High’s Edward Malick, 14, and Meagan Collett, 15, swam Saturday in the Treasure Island Swim. They started out in the waters off of Treasure Island and swam along the Bay Bridge to pier 14 in the 1.5-mile race. There were 257 swimmers competing in the event.

Malick took first place in the non-wetsuit under-19 age division with a 30:18.6. He placed first overall in the non wetsuit division and finished seventh overall in the wetsuit and non wetsuit combined.

Collett placed third in the non-wetsuit under-19 age division with a 33:25. She placed 18th overall in the women’s skin group and 32nd overall out of the male and female skin and wetsuit participants combined.

Both Gilroy High athletes play water polo and swim with the Gilroy Gators swim team.

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