‘Global Warming’ Cries Remind Him of ‘Chicken Little’

Dear Editor,

Global warming, global warming

cries everyone, especially the environmentalists, the media, and
Al Gore.
Dear Editor,

“Global warming, global warming” cries everyone, especially the environmentalists, the media, and Al Gore.

Thank goodness we have, and have had, global warming over the last 8,000 years. But for global warming, we’d still be living in the ice age. Instead of green fields of grain, or of vegetables, or pleasant orchards, we would be living on vast ice fields; food would be scarce, the climate cold, and firewood not available.

Fortunately, Mother Nature [God] is benevolent and, using solar energy, melted most of the ice to give us the earth we have today.

One time, many years ago, there were massive ice caps on each pole of the earth – 12 to 15,000 feet high. By its own weight, the ice mass flowed out from the poles in great glaciers; reaching as far south as Iowa or Yosemite Valley.

Most interesting, during these years of earth-warming and glacier-melt, there were no automobiles contaminating the atmosphere with their hydro-carbon exhaust. Nature did it all by herself, unassisted by naughty man.

What brought on the ice age with its massive ice caps at the poles?

One concept is that 8,000 to 10,000 years ago, an astral body from space entered the solar system and perturbed the earth – note, it did not hit the earth. That astral body was all ice; the most common element in the universe. The earth’s gravitational field partially shattered the astral body, showering the earth with tons of super cold ice particles which fell only on the north and south poles as there was no magnetic force to repel them there. Thus, the ice caps formed, and, secondarily, great glaciers.

Actually, the earth’s atmosphere and the earth’s place in the universe is so vast that very little can man do to alter the cyclic nature of life. The earth-warming hysteria reminds me very much of Chicken Little and her cry “Run for your life, the sky is falling.”

The environmentalists cry, “The earth is warming, the glaciers are melting, the oceans will rise, and we’ll all drown.” Both warnings are based on very specious evidence.

Don’t worry. With gasoline prices rising, soon there will be fewer and fewer automobiles on the road. Problem solved.

Joseph G. McCormack, Gilroy

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