Community pulse: More money for police?



Should the city of Gilroy make cuts elsewhere in order to pay for more police officers?

Yes: 1 No: 10

■ NO! not just to fund more police. All of the departments are going to have to take a hit with the budget that I hear being talked about. Maybe some training expenses and the like need to be looked at a little more carefully. Maybe some administrative procedures can be streamlined. Can’t say I have the answers but my budget is pretty tight too!

■ No. It seems like the current staffing is sufficient for at least the short term.

■ No. Cut back on the top heavy police brass.

■ No. Moreover, I think the citizens of Gilroy should rescind fire and

police union binding arbitration and take the necessary steps to keep

Gilroy fiscally whole.

■ NO. The people who use and rely on other city services need them as much as we need police. Police do a good job in the prevention area and need to do more with less.

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