Coming this week: Top five priorities at the PD and city services could come to more people


We take a look at the stories that are coming to the web and in
the paper. This week: the new police chief outlines the
department’s top five priorities and we look at what expanding the
city’s service area would mean to residents and Gavilan
1. Police’s top five priorities

Police Chief Denise Turner has been working on the department’s top five priorities. They include the following: Reinstating the Lucky 7 program, which keeps tabs on the city’s top parolees; focusing traffic patrols on the top accident intersection; graffiti prevention and abatement; concentrating patrols on the most frequently visited sites; and gang violence. Concentrating on these issues is one of Turner’s first moves as the city’s top law enforcement officer. She and other officers will explain the thought process behind the five focuses.

2. An expanded urban services area

Over the last month, the city has received three applications – including one from itself – to expand the city’s urban services area by 460 acres near the sports park and along the city’s southern corridor. The extra space would accommodate Gavilan College, which is trying to add a dormitory component for more than 400 students, and the long-term plans of Shapell Industries, the firm that developed Eagle Ridge. The developer has no specific plans at this time but anticipates 670 residential units east of Thomas Road and Santa Teresa Boulevard and south of Luchessa Avenue, according to Planning Department documents. This is the first step of a long-term process that will involve the county and city council, as well.

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